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MAD MEN Takes The Sting Out of Sunday Nights

Not that I want to rush the weekend away, but I am so psyched for Sunday night’s two hour long-overdue season 5 return of Mad Men. After a 17 month hiatus, I am more than ready to be reaquainted with the dapper Don Draper. I kinda feel bad for my husband —first Christian Grey and now Jon Hamm.

Then again, my husband enjoys the show as much, if not more, than I do. He is interested by the business aspect and it appeals to his love of history while I am fascinated with the Madison Avenue, martini-swilling lifestyle, fashion, characters and intrigued by the drama and juicy plotlines. It’s a win-win for both of us and a great way to end the weekends.

According to The Fiscal Times, “Mad Men has attracted a devoted audience because it delivers a hefty dose of American social and cultural realism through its depiction of people at work – and at play – at a time when sexism and racism were rampant. Because political correctness was not on the radar, smoking, drinking, sex on the job, and other taboo behaviors were common.”

It wasn’t until I read some press that I remembered that Season 4 ended with Don proposing to his beautiful secretary Megan Calvet (played by Jessica Pare).

To get everyone back up to speed, here’s some other events that happened when we last tuned into Mad Men on October 17, 2010:

*New agency Sterling, Cooper Draper Price has been established and Lucky Strikes is no longer a client
*Joan did not terminate the pregnancy that resulted from her night of passion with Roger (Joan Slattery)
*Lane Pryce was brained by his elderly father for falling in love with a black Playboy bunny

Newsday staff writer Verne Gay reported, “There’s no attempt at ‘catching up,’ no expository dialogue that attempts to fill in the gap, however slightly. It’s all sink-or-swim time-get on board immediately with these characters’ private lives…or don’t. That’s because real fans demand that. It’s a bit presumptuous, too, and there are a couple moments when the two-hour opener feels more like work or a memory test (what was that beef between Pete and Roger again?) than a pleasure.

But those moments are few and far between. Mad Men is back, in all the right ways – the humor, the writing, the period details and, best of all, the flawless attention to these characters and their cluttered interior worlds.”

And Scott, Honey, Grey and Drapper, don’t have a thing on you, Baby. There is absolutely no one else in the world I’d rather cuddle up with and watch Mad Men with. I always wanted a loving, successful, family man and not a distrustful, slippery womanizer.

Besides as Metro New York’s Amber Ray writes, “Don’s definition of ‘happy’ and ‘content’ have never lined up with the typical American dream.”


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