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Bag Lady

I am obsessed with handbags.  When I was pregnant I was eyeing the Gucci diaper bag.  I even chose tan and chocolate brown for my Bugaboo to match this diaper bag.  But MY financial responsible husband put his foot down and forbid me getting this $1,000+ designer bag….sniff, sniff

So instead every few months I change to a new diaper bag.  Truth be told, MY husband may have just been better off if I got the Gucci bag and we called it a day.

Although there are so many fabulous and affordable diaper bags on the market and new ones being introduces each season.  Personally I am not a fan of Skip Hop’s.  While very functional, they are just to plain and ordinary.  (I do like many of their other products, including their children’s backpacks.)

So what am I carrying these days?  7 A.M. Enfant recently introduced a new line of diaper bags which are designed as cleverly as their baby outwear:  sophisticated styling with great details that actually perform.  (How ME does that sound?)  I have the “Barcelona” bag which looks like I am carrying a really nice handbag (admittedly not Gucci) and no one will suspect it’s holding Ian’s toy cars, crayons, lollipops, packets of Goldfish crackers….The outer pockets of The Barcelona bag are ideal for keeping my smart phone in a spot I can easily grab it.  The multiple interior pockets and sections keep ME organized at all times.  I absiolutely hate rummaging through a bottomless pit.

The new 7 A.M. Voyage diaper bag line also includes the Roma bag, which in jumbo size can become a weekend bag (I also have my eye on this one), the Polochon duffle (which has a sporty gym bag type look to ME) and the Voyage bag featuring numerous pockets and pouches.  The line is available in a fabulous array of colors that coordinate beautifully with the baby wear line.

These diaper bags range from $78-$118.  All are available at


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