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How Emily May Be More Hollywood Than We Realized

This season of The Bachelorette feels as contrived as the mega-Hollywood marriage that just went kaput.  Let us observe some similarities:

  1. The protective mom seeking the right father-figure for her daughter.
  2. One wore braces while the more impatient flashes shiny white veneers.
  3. Contracts.
  4. The tabloids are having a field day.
  5. Will the third time be a charm or 3 strikes you’re out?
  6. Scientology & Mormons.
  7. Ended it with Chris.
  8. It’s down to A FEW GOOD MEN—On hometown dates, Jef pulled out his TOP GUN; no CRUISE control for Arie the racecar driver and Sean pulled some RISKY BUSINESS when it came to where he lives.

While no one has jumped on any couches, the suitors have been professing their undying love and affection.


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