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Ricki Adds New Dynamic to this Season of The Bachelorette

Thanks to my obsession of The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise and my non-stop networking on social media, I have established a friendship with Ashley Elgin who is doing today’s guest Bachelorette blog post.

Ashley is a self-proclaimed Bachelor expert, reality TV fan, and a Stella and Dot Independent Stylist.  Here’s her thoughts on how Emily’s daughter Ricki factors into the equation on this season of The Bachelorette.

Emily Maynard is The Bachelorette. Emily, a single mother to six-year-old Ricki, will make this season different.

There have been single  parents on the Bachelor and Bachelorette before, but Jason Mesnick is the single parent lead. Ty was not present in Jason’s process, until the end of his season. Ty could stay with his mother during the taping, unlike Ricki, whose father is deceased.

Robert Mills, Bachelor producer, tweeted Ricki’s involvement in the show to Jennifer Weiner, “I’ll say this: you’ll see more of her than Ty but not much more. All organic and non-exploitive.”

Some fans have displayed their concern for Ricki being exposed on The Bachelorette. She adds a new dynamic to the show. The show moved to Charlotte, NC, where Emily lives, to tape the beginning of the show. This kept Ricki in her environment as long as possible. When the show started traveling, Ricki went along. Fans worry little Ricki may be on television too much, but I know Emily will not put her in harm’s way. Ricki being involved will make the show better. She will not necessarily be on screen all of the time, just because she is there.

Michelle Money caught a lot of flack for going on The Bachelor Pad, but people did not know she was able to take Brielle with her. Of course she was not shown at the challenges and dates, but she was near Michelle.


I think we will get to see Ricki on the show, but for a while it might just be with Emily. Having Ricki present will be a constant reminder of what is at stake. There have been Bachelor contestants in the past that get caught up in the process and make irrational decisions. Emily has to choose a person that is best not only for her, but Ricki. They are very much a package deal. If there are two guys who Emily is in love with, and one gets along with Ricki better, he is going to have the greatest chance.

The guys know coming in that she is a single mother. There should not be any surprises, since they knew who they were applying to meet. Emily explained to Brad, how she could not go away for a weekend, and leave Ricki. The guy who Emily chooses will have to be ready to attend soccer games, stay at home on Friday nights and take care of a sick child.

There are supposed to be single dad(s) on this season of The Bachelorette. This will be a good common ground for conversations. Ultimately, I do not think Emily will end up with someone who is already a dad. Emily expressed she would like to have more children, she will need a guy who is ready to be a father to Ricki, and wants to have children. Blending families would be very difficult on the guy, his children, Emily and Ricki. Jason had a single mother, Stephanie, on his season. She made it far on his season, but was sent home before the hometown dates.

I cannot wait to see how this season plays out, and watch Emily find love. It will be interesting to watch Emily balance the journey to find love and being a great mother. If anyone can, it will be Emily.

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