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Beat the Heat and Headaches in June’s Migraine Awareness Month

The summer is beginning to heat up and for many the change in weather can be a migraine trigger.  Approximately 30-million or more people in America suffer from migraines and spikes in heat have been found to be a prominent cause. As migraines affect seven percent of men, 18 percent of women and seven percent of children, it is important to know how to prevent and combat these sometimes, excruciating headaches to enjoy the summer to its full potential. In the spirit of National Migraine Awareness Month this June, we’d like to share some tips on how to beat the heat and those migraines as summer begins to sizzle:

  • Prevent overheating this summer by always staying hydrated. While water is always the best choice, drinks that are caffeine-free like lemonade are also helpful in off-setting a headache.
  • When spending time outside, balance time between shady and sunny areas.
  • Prevent migraines from lasting for hours by keeping a cold compress nearby to quickly treat the pain, and keeping it from lasting longer.
  • Try hats with broad brims that keep sun off your neck and upper chest and back as well as your face.
  • If you exercise outdoors or don’t have air conditioning, you may need to modify your exercise routine for the summer. Consider lower-impact exercise like swimming, walking and hiking to stay in control of your body temperature.
  • If you suffer from chronic migraines, consider keeping a migraine journal in order to learn what changes in your environment might trigger a migraine. The journal could be invaluable should you choose to seek treatment from a migraine specialist.

Although there’s no sure way to avoid every headache or migraine this summer, we can still take steps to minimize them and their impact. When we take care of ourselves, we can take full advantage of those long summer days with our friends and family.

Today’s Guest Blog post is written by Holly Ruma, Mother, Marathoner, Yoga instructor and President of IPC Medical Corp., the developer of the HeadCoolie. IPC Medical is a diversified personal care products and services company based out of  Massachusetts. The organization is committed to assisting with holistic healthcare by providing innovative solutions using only safe, all natural and chemical-free products.  The HeadCoolie is a unique reusable adjustable headband designed to provide non-chemical, non-prescription therapeutic relief for headaches of all kinds, including migraines.


ABC Bachelor Producers Should Have Consulted Me & Who’s In it To Win It

Today’s guest Bachelorette blog is written by my college friend Kerrie who is a huge fan of the entire Bachelor franchise and has faithfully watched every season (with the exception of one) since Season 2 of the Bachelor.  While she remains loyal to the show, her favorite Bachelor remains Andrew Firestone, and would like to send a special shout out to Bachelor Bob since he was by far the most entertaining one through the years.  Kerrie lives in Cape Cod with her husband, Alex, and their two boys, Quinn (age 5) and Nolan (almost 3).

I am a huge fan of the Bachelor. Yes, I even watch Bachelor Pad and I have stuck with the show during some pretty lackluster Bachelor choices (yes, I’m talking to you, Andy Baldwin).  I must admit none of the last three Bachelors/Bachelorettes would have been my top choice, and had the producers at ABC consulted me in advance, they could have rescued me and America from some rather tedious hours of television.  The show has suffered from featuring these relatively dull people who, quite frankly, are difficult to like and root for.  The last season really worth watching was the Jake and Vienna saga–now that was must-see TV.  They had such a volatile relationship and you never knew what would happen with those two crazy kids. Brad’s season (his second one—and why he was given a second chance is beyond me, but that’s a whole other story and a whole other blog post) held my interest, but then that led us into several seasons of boredom that have not come close to capturing the Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons of the past that I knew and loved.

That brings us to our current Bachelorette, Emily, who actually “won” Brad Wolmack’s season back in 2011.  If you can’t find love on national television the first time around, why not give it the old college try again?   We all loved Emily that season, but she’s not exactly a firecracker. Yes, Emily is sweet and pretty, and has that Southern belle charm, but, is it really necessary for a 26-year-old to wear so much make-up, not to mention implants and veneers to improve her appearance?  I have a really difficult time watching the show without thinking that she is a 38-year-old divorcee trying to reclaim her youth.  I am not sensing too many love connections, and she is really there just to find a husband. Not a soul mate, not someone she could grow old and happy with, but a husband and father for little Ricky, her young daughter whose father died before she was born.   While we are on the subject of Emily, can we talk about her obsession with sequins?  In my mind she wore no less than a dozen outfits with sequins tonight.  It’s as if she thinks she’s in a revival of “Dynasty.”

My husband has been a casual watcher of the show over the years (not necessarily by choice, but because I am such a devoted viewer), and he insists that there is no way that these 25 men would be so desperate to be married to Emily.  I agree with him that women tend to be more marriage-minded at a younger age than men, but while there are the fame seekers, some of these guys truly want to find love, and are there “for the right reasons.”   Obviously my husband is unmoved by the tears that commence when the men don’t receive a rose.

I like to wonder what would happen if we were in the “real” world and Emily were to meet these men on her own. Would she truly choose to go on dates with any of them if given the opportunity, or is she only doing so because she has a contractual obligation to ABC to see it through?   I can’t imagine a guy like Jef (yes, that’s Jef with one f) would have the courage to go up to her to ask her for a date, let alone have her consent to go out for drinks.  The only guys who she likely would go on a date with are Sean and Arie, who coincidently are the only two men who have any sort of chemistry with her.

Over many seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette, the group dates have somehow evolved from more “fun” excursions where the only real competition is vying for the most time with the Bachelor or Bachelorette, to a hard-core competition where the dominant alpha males prevail.  Yes, guys in real life also like to show off, but must ABC try to make the weaker men feel shamed?   Doesn’t anyone go to dinner and a movie anymore?  And I don’t mean seeing “Brave” in an absolutely blatant plug for Disney.  Shame on you, ABC!  As one of my fellow Bachelor-watchers commented, they are continually veering further and further into “Big Brother” territory with all these movie and product tie-ins.  And, was it me, or was the competition and movie more appropriate for Scotland than Croatia?  Perhaps they were supposed to film there and the plans somehow got sidetracked.

I must give Emily kudos for sticking to her guns and getting rid of two guys she was unsure of during the one-on-one-dates.  I know ABC was not too pleased since they have to figure out how they can make it to the last episode when she keeps getting rid of too many men, but I support her decision.  Both Travis and Ryan got sent packing after she realized they weren’t the ones, albeit for two very different reasons. Travis would make a wonderful husband to someone someday, and I have no doubt he will find a nice woman and have a dozen kids. Ryan, on the other hand, will continue to be an egotistical douchebag, and as time goes on and his looks wane, he will one day find himself bald, fat and alone in a saloon drinking a scotch at the end of the bar.  I am a little worried that it took Emily so long to see Ryan for what he truly was, and I still don’t think she will realize this fully until she sees the episodes air.  Did she not see his “wink?”  He is by no means an a#%hole on par with Wes or Bentley, but he’s as sketchy and skeevy as they get.  Ryan was “in it to win it” and I may have to start boycotting the show if he prevails on his desire to be the next Bachelor.

On to my favorite Bachelorette contestant of this season, Arie.  He is just absolutely adorable and truly seems to care about Emily.  Of all the men left, I think he would make a wonderful husband and father, and if Emily doesn’t realize this by the end, she doesn’t deserve him.  True, he does not have a son at home like Doug, but is that truly a way to build a relationship when the only thing you have in common is the fact that you both have children (and not with one another)?   In the beginning I was worried that the race car factor would be a negative, but they haven’t delved into that too much.  I have high hopes for Arie not only making it to the “final two,” but for him to be the next Bachelor if things don’t work out with Emily.  The last Bachelorette contestant I liked this much was Chris from Cape Cod, and two years later he is still a stand-up guy, and even though I was upset that he turned down being the next Bachelor, it showed his true character. Even though this season hasn’t brought any amazing moments, I am still looking forward to watching upcoming episodes to see who “wins” Emily’s heart. Will this finally be the season where a couple lasts beyond a year or two?   I know Trista and Ryan are quaking in their boots.

Bag Lady

I am obsessed with handbags.  When I was pregnant I was eyeing the Gucci diaper bag.  I even chose tan and chocolate brown for my Bugaboo to match this diaper bag.  But MY financial responsible husband put his foot down and forbid me getting this $1,000+ designer bag….sniff, sniff

So instead every few months I change to a new diaper bag.  Truth be told, MY husband may have just been better off if I got the Gucci bag and we called it a day.

Although there are so many fabulous and affordable diaper bags on the market and new ones being introduces each season.  Personally I am not a fan of Skip Hop’s.  While very functional, they are just to plain and ordinary.  (I do like many of their other products, including their children’s backpacks.)

So what am I carrying these days?  7 A.M. Enfant recently introduced a new line of diaper bags which are designed as cleverly as their baby outwear:  sophisticated styling with great details that actually perform.  (How ME does that sound?)  I have the “Barcelona” bag which looks like I am carrying a really nice handbag (admittedly not Gucci) and no one will suspect it’s holding Ian’s toy cars, crayons, lollipops, packets of Goldfish crackers….The outer pockets of The Barcelona bag are ideal for keeping my smart phone in a spot I can easily grab it.  The multiple interior pockets and sections keep ME organized at all times.  I absiolutely hate rummaging through a bottomless pit.

The new 7 A.M. Voyage diaper bag line also includes the Roma bag, which in jumbo size can become a weekend bag (I also have my eye on this one), the Polochon duffle (which has a sporty gym bag type look to ME) and the Voyage bag featuring numerous pockets and pouches.  The line is available in a fabulous array of colors that coordinate beautifully with the baby wear line.

These diaper bags range from $78-$118.  All are available at

A Magical Moment (on The Playground): Disney Baby “Little Characters” Contest (SPONSORED)

A big thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and the Disney Baby “Little Character” Contest.

Children fill their parent’s lives with countless magical moments.  There’s the big milestones/firsts (smiling, laughing, rolling over, sitting up, walking, talking…) and the special occasions (birthdays, holidays, etc)  What I think is often even more treasured and much more memorable is how these little people have the ability to magically turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

I will never forget when my son Ian went down the big slide in the playground all by himself at only 21 months (on July 27, 2011 to be exact).  He didn’t walk on his own until he was 18 months so this was a very unexpected and major accomplishment.

My son is very attached to me and is almost always glued to my hip so this was a huge magical moment for me when I witnessed him exerting his own independence and being brave enough to do something he wanted to do.

When my pint-sized little man climbed up the giant ladder in his miniature shoes, it was as if he was climbing up the high dive and about to dive in head first at the Olympics.

I stood watching him with a huge smile glued to my face simultaneously both in awe and slightly terrified.  My stomach did a back flip in utter delight because it would never have to participate in going down the slide with my son again.  As Ian came swooshing down, all  I could think was “big slide today, before I know it, he’ll be getting his driver’s license!”

As you are reading this, I’m sure you are smiling and thinking of a something similar you experienced with your own child that was pure magic for you.  It’s not too late to enter Disney Baby’s “Little Characters” Contest.  But hurry because you only have until this Monday, June 18, 2012 to submit your entry.

From May 15 through June 18, Disney Baby will select one winner a week for a total of five finalists. Finalists will receive deluxe Disney Baby prize packages, including Huggies® diapers, and will be eligible for the Grand Prize $10,000 scholarship.  Other prizes include a crawl on role on ABC Family’s new comedy, “Baby Daddy,” a trip to LA plus $500 shopping spree and your baby’s Photo in a national magazine.

To learn more about the contest head to the contest page, and see all the prizes here.

A (Parent’s) Night Worth Getting a Sitter For

I didn’t read many baby manual type books when I was pregnant and a new mom.  A pediatrician told a friend, “You may read all the books BUT your baby has not.”  When it comes to children, you will quickly discovered that nothing is ever really “textbook.”  The one book and video we did pay attention to is The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp.  I credit our listening to his advice regarding swaddling to why Baby I was sleeping through the night at only 6 weeks old.  For that, I will be forever indebted to Dr. Karp.

I was excited to learn about this Parent’s Night Out:  The Happiest Baby on the Block with Dr. Karp happening at various movie theaters nationwide on Friday, June 21, 2012.  I think it’s the perfect date night where new parents don’t even have to feel guilty about getting some much needed ME time.  The invaluable tips you will receive will be worth the price of ticket admission, not to mention the baby-sitter’s fee.

THEATERS:  Click here for a list of participating theaters.

TICKETING:  Tickets on sale now! Click here and enter your zip code to purchase tickets for this event. Limited seats available.

More specifics provided below:

 Happiest Baby on the Block, BabyCenter and NCM Fathom are excited to bring America’s top pediatrician, Dr. Harvey Karp, and his revolutionary parenting techniques to movie theaters nationwide in a Live One Night Event on Thursday, June 21 at 7:30 PM (local time) in Parents Night Out with The Happiest Baby and The Happiest Toddler Starring Dr. Harvey Karp.

This LIVE theatrical event will be hosted by Ali Landry, actress, entrepreneur (founder of and mom of two. Ali and Dr. Karp will bring to life Dr. Karp’s best-selling parenting guides – The Happiest Baby on the Block and The Happiest Toddler on the Block. And, that’s not all! Dr. Karp will share many surprising new solutions to #1 complaint new parents have – exhaustion – from his highly-anticipated new book The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep (which was just released on June 12th).
Weaving modern science and ancient wisdom, Dr. Harvey Karp reveals stunningly simple, super-effective tips to help new families get the rest they need …and raise happy, patient, cooperative children. Woven with live demonstrations, footage of techniques in action and a hot-topic Parenting Q&A, the event is sure to make thousands of parents the Happiest Family on their Block!
Parents Night Out with The Happiest Baby and The Happiest Toddler Starring Dr. Harvey Karp on Thursday, June 21 at 7:30 PM (local time) is an extraordinary opportunity to learn the parenting tips and tricks and wise insights that have helped guide millions of parents, from regular moms to superstars like Madonna! Join thousands of parents nationwide in movie theaters for this exclusive, one night event!

National Lobster Day

It’s going to be a fantastic weekend!  How can it not be when Friday is National Lobster Day!  Mmmmm… mouth is watering as I type this just thinking about succulent lobster meat and drawn butter.

There’s so many delicious ways to enjoy these tasty crustaceans.  Steamed, baked, rolls, tails, bisque, in mac and cheese, nicoise…the choices are endless.

My wonderful younger sister who is the ultimate fashionista and “foodie” recently introduced ME and MY husband to the gourmet lobster rolls from Red Hook Lobster Pound.  One bite and I was addicted.  I literally stalk them on twitter (@lobstertruckny and @redhooklobster) to find out where in NYC their truck will be parked on any given day.  It’s worth the walk to score one of these to-die-for lobster rolls!  MY husband and I enjoy the Connecticut style (warm with drawn butter) while my sister prefers the Maine style (tossed in a light homemade mayo)

Jameson Tavern, one of the oldest operating Taverns in Maine (located right beside the L.L. Bean retail store in Freeport)  has have been Featured as a Favorite Maine Restaurant on the FoodNation Show. Bobby Flay was on site at the Tavern and exclaimed that Jameson had one of the best Lobster Stew recipes that he had ever tasted. MY husband is definitely in agreement!  He describes the stew as, “So good it is almost decadent. It was smooth and creamy with a splash of sherry.  A very hearty, delicious and memorable meal.”  Click here for the recipe for this outrageous Lobster Stew (recipe is courtesy of the Tavern)

Wanna feel even better?  Lobsters do NOT feel pain.  Whew!  Their nervous systems and brains are developmentally on par with those of insects. They have nerves but no ability to perceive stimuli as “pain.” The shrill noise you hear when you boil a lobster is steam escaping from the shell.  (So sometimes there really is gain without pain!)

National Lobster Day celebrates the fact that lobster is the largest of all seafood harvest in New England.   Popular worldwide and known as a delicacy, Lobster makes any occasion more fun.  So let’s celebrate.

Team (lobster) Gutterman at a wedding in Maine last summer

What’s your favorite way to eat lobster? 

The Twin Connection

In elementary school, my friend Delia and I would write what we hoped would turn into “books” during our afterschool playdates.  Facebook put us back into each other’s lives as adults raising our own children.  I think its more than fitting to run a guest post written by Delia Hollerieth, 37 years old, married to Corrina with 3 small children: Devon (age 5), twins Braden and Maya (age 3), 8th grade language arts teacher for 14 yrs, lives in NJ.

Remember that old song “Ebony and Ivory” by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder back in the 80s?  Since our twins Braden and Maya were born three years ago, lines from that song have suddenly come back into our memories.

Although all three of our children are bi-racial and full siblings that I gave birth to with the help of donor sperm, we lovingly joke about it with our twins.  Braden is blond and blue-eyed, with very light skin.  His twin sister Maya has dark hair, eyes, and skin.  “They’re twins?”  “Are you sure?”  “Did you give birth to him, and your wife gave birth to her?  Cool, how’d you plan that?”  “Who’s adopted?”

The questions are endless, and we don’t blame people.  Not only are we an interracial same-sex couple, but we have three young kids who don’t necessarily look like they would be biological siblings. Despite their physical differences in terms of appearance, Braden and Maya have an unexplainable bond and ability to communicate with one another.

From the very beginning, they loved each other.  They still share a room, and we are actually dreading the impending separation.  Their big brother Devon has the other bedroom that he knows will soon be shared with Braden as the “boys’ room.”  Surely this will be a difficult transition, as Braden and Maya love to talk to each other in the middle of the night, sneak into each other’s beds, trade toys before they drift off, and get into trouble while they should be sleeping.  They have always had the comfort and security of knowing the other was just a few feet away.

In their infancy, they would babble, coo, and smile at each other.  Once they started moving around, they would always end up together.  Our daycare provider marveled at how,  when the twins were  six months old, they would roll around the floor and end up in the same area of her huge playroom, sharing a toy, happy as can be.  Now they are three years old, and even my wife and I are in awe when they fall asleep in the car in the exact same position:  left legs up, sucking their right thumbs, facing to the left.  While we see these behaviors in them daily, we are still amazed at how they do the same thing at the same time in the same manner.

Of course everyone has heard about that “twin connection” that all twins seem to have, and once our twins were born, we quickly learned that it absolutely does exist!  As many parents of twins will say, they have their own language, and we have only recently been getting better at understanding what they are saying.  When they were very young, only they were privy to the conversations they had.  Yet, they would laugh, ask questions of one another, and scold each other.   It was quite entertaining to watch.  Even their brother Devon, not quite two years their senior, would attempt to figure out what they were saying with only a little more success than the rest of us.  Side by side in their Exersaucers, they would jump up and down in perfect unison.  Now that we are in the potty training stage, they root each other on with each successful bathroom trip.  “Yay, Bray Bray…great job!” Maya will praise, clapping enthusiastically because Braden had perfect aim.  And when Maya did her business on the potty the other day, Braden rushed to get her a Dora “potty treat” as her reward and proudly handed it over to her.

This blog entry would not be complete if I didn’t also talk about the trouble they get into together.  “Double trouble” is the common phrase, and now I know why.  As I type this at 8:43 P.M., they should be in their beds sleeping; after all, they did have a busy day playing at the playground and going to a friend’s birthday party.  Instead, they are hopping into each other’s beds, dancing, singing, and trying on clothes.  My wife and I are taking turns going into their room to settle them down, which only lasts for a couple of minutes.  They don’t understand that we are watching them on the monitor, so when we are out of their sight, they get right back up, encouraging each other to start the mischief again.

The other day, they thought it was funny to decide to tell me that they will not clean up their toys.  Their big brother Devon dutifully cleaned up while watching out of the corner of his eye, wondering how Mommy would handle this one.  After nicely but firmly telling them that they have to clean up and them outright refusing (while smiling, mind you), they were placed in time outs on opposite sides of the house.  Somehow, and I honestly don’t know how, they managed to laugh and communicate with each other.  I firmly told them, separately (since they were on opposite sides of the house, remember!), that there is no talking in time out and that Mommy is not happy. Although they did clean up their toys when they came out of time out, they seemed to have made some sort of agreement about it with each other, something about not wanting Mommy to get too upset, perhaps.   I could just tell.

Sigh… I suppose that by being the exact same age and going through the various stages together, twins can’t help but to have a pretty solid and maybe even powerful bond.  I think that must be great, most of the time…always having a partner, side kick, other half.  Braden and Maya recently began pre-school, and the teachers and other parents have commented on how cute they are holding hands while walking into the school with their backpacks that are the same size as they are.  I’m thankful that they have each other to rely on, find comfort with, and play with.

As their parents, we know that as they get older, especially being opposite genders, they will grow apart to some extent and find their own friends, hobbies, and interests. They may not always “live together in perfect harmony,” but our wish for them is that their bond remains strong and that they will always know to look to each other for support and guidance.

This One is for the Dads (Media Opps)

Summary: Unemployed Dads

Perry Chiaramonte of is looking for some dads who are recently laid-off or unemployed and using their sudden free time to be more hands on with their children.


Deadline: 9:00 AM EST – 13 June

Summary: Being A Dad Vs. Being A Boss

Amy Levin-Epstein of CBS MoneyWatch is seeking Dads Who Are Also Bosses: How is being a boss different from being a dad? And how are they the same? Please describe your experience/give specific examples/stories.


Deadline: 7:00 AM EST – 14 June

Requirements:  Must include your Name/city/state/industry



& The Butterflies in My Stomach Drowned Everything Else Out

Prior to tying the knot on April 28, 2012 and moving to Boston, 2012, fellow publicist/friend Megan Kessler was my weekly Monday night date to watch The Bachelor franchise with, along with enjoying Chinese food and a good bottle of wine.  So I had to get this reality junkie’s take on this season’s Bachelorette.

Me & Megan on her wedding day

“If Rikki were baggage, she’d be a Chloe handbag”…

And if you were into Emily – or women for that matter – you wouldn’t have said that, Jef.

I’m not going to kick this off with the much-anticipated one-on-one date shared by Sean and Emily.  I think that date speaks for itself. If we could fast forward to the final proposal night, I think there are two guys who we all know will be there – Sean and Arie (or maybe Ryan, by some miracle, but Sean without a doubt).

So let’s get back to what was, by far, the most cringe-worthy date of the night – Emily and Jef.

Every season there is that one guy that just keeps hanging on for whatever perplexing reason.  This season, it’s Jef.  Sure, he’s a great dresser, easygoing, rocks a crazy faux-hawk, and looks kind of like one of those teen dreamboats from the ‘80’s movies, but there is absolutely NO chemistry between him and Emily.  And now, I think we all know why.  You have got to love how Emily just keeps telling Jef episode after episode that she thinks he’s “just not that into her.” It seems to me she’s so obsessed with the fact that he’s not fawning all over her that she’s missing the point:  this guy is NOT going to be the father of your kid, and he’s NOT going to have a million babies with you.  He might hang out with you and all your mom friends to gossip in park, go clothes shopping with you, and have “dance parties” with you and Rikki.

Now, that said, I can’t blame really blame Emily for wanting to have a conversation that’s actually interesting with one of her many suitors.  The rest of the crew has a shared vocabulary which seems to include only “Emily looks beautiful tonight,” “Emily is gorgeous,” and “I’m ready to be a dad.”  So, yeah, I can see why she might want to keep Jef around for his gift of gab.  But please, oh please, let’s not have any more make out sessions with these two!

Next up, Daddy Doug’s blabber mouth…  I’ve thought that Doug is a weirdo from day one, so I really enjoyed all of his murderous facial expressions as he kept getting ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIT from Emily for clueing her in to Kalon’s transgression.  She just kept saying over and over again “I can’t believe none of you told me what Kalon said – none of you stuck up for me!”  Meanwhile, we all watched as goody-two-shoes Doug blabbed the entire thing to her – and confronted Kalon before he did it.  I have to give Doug credit, though.  I must have taken a lot of will not to “remind” her that she’d still be in the dark if not for him.  I was practically yelling this at the TV screen last night.  Not that I’d want to see her with Doug anyway – but seriously, this guy just keeps getting screwed over.   I guess he did get the first rose, though, so that was Emily’s not-so-subtle way of thanking him.

On the same note, Arie being last to get a rose definitely got Emily’s point across that not even the most smoldering of kisses will make up for him being a lame duck during her Kalon confrontation.  I’m on Arie’s side on this one, though.  If I’m in the middle of yelling at someone, I’d prefer that my man stay out of it and just agree with me later that I’m not crazy and I had every right to totally flip out.  I wouldn’t want – or need, for that matter – for him to jump into my argument and say threatening things.  I guess that’s what Emily wants, though, so maybe she should go for Chris, who won’t “stand down” to anyone, especially not Daddy Doug.

As for Sean, I think we can all agree that he’s just about the most adorable man on the planet.  I couldn’t get enough of his and Emily’s make-out session before the rose ceremony. I actually don’t even remember what they were talking about – the “butterflies in my heart” drowned everything else out.

And I’ve never said that before…seriously!

My Reality: Just Being Me

I am “back to reality” after taking the red-eye home from a fabulous quick weekend trip to California.

Truthfully, I debated if I should bother reading – especially spending money buying- My Reality but I had a cross-country flight and nothing on my must-read now list.  It’s kinda tha same as, “Should I even bother watching another season of this ridiculous reality series?”

Melissa Rycroft is a lucky lady who studied finance and ended up with a super exciting career in in television.  As she illustrates in her biography, sometimes it pays off to be yourself.

“I think the most important thing I’ve learned from all of this, which I will take with me into whatever I do next – whether it’s in the entertainment world or not – is the importance of being brave enough to take chances and try new things…..Why not?  The worst that can happen is that it won’t work out.”  (page 235)

Melissa never badmouths Jason Mesnick and/or Molly.  I am surprised she would ever get involved with a Jewish guy given how important her Christian faith is to her.

Melissa is definitely not a Bachelor statistic.  She’s sweet and genuine and likeable.  The cameras like her.  Friends like her.  Fans like her.  Producers like her.  She does recognize that she offered “the perfect combustible material for good TV.”  (page 144)

She explains, “The longer I was outside of the ‘Bachelor Bubble,’ the easier it was for me to get some perspective.  I really think that all of the qualities that made my girlfriends decide to sign me up for The Bachelor – my vulnerability, my low self-esteem, my desperation to be in a serious relationship-were exactly what made me so susceptible to the ‘Bachelor Bubble’.”  (page 154)

It took Melissa going on The Bachelor to get her boyfriend Tye to give up his infamous bachelor life, including his bachelor pad, and finally commit to her.

“The bad times I went through definitely make me appreciate the good times now.”  (page 236)

I read the entire book front to back (240 pages) in less than 2.5 hours on the plane.  Anyone who has ever flirted with appearing on reality TV should read this book.  I do wish Melissa talked more about filming during her season as a contestant on the Bachelor (especially details about what really happens in the fantasy suite) but contractually she probably is not allowed to.

She does say, “…reality TV has this way of airing what it wants you to believe.”  (page 229)  “We went on three dates on the show.  We didn’t know each other well enough to know if we were in love or even compatible enough to get married.  (page 226)  “…Jason never really had a chance to steal my heart-because it belonged to someone else at the time.”  (page 227)

I am truly happy for Melissa’s successes both on and off-camera.  I have last Sunday night’s one hour finale of Melissa and Tye (CMT) on DVR but I am already curious when season 2 starts.

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