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Snack Bags With More Than Just Character

Never underestimate the power of a mom with a need.

Carie Connell is a resourceful mom.  When her son was born with gluten intolerance and food allergies to dairy, wheat, egg, soy and beef, Carie spent a great deal of his early life making radical changes to his eating patterns and dedicating herself to education about what was best for his health.

Unimpressed by her packaging options, she partnered with Tracey Ross, who like herself makes organic nutrition a top-priority.  Together these two mothers are responsible for creating smart packaging that is fun for kids and good for our planet.

Each box of Wexy Lunch and Munch bags contain 28 opaque 5×6 inch bags which are the perfect size for small hands.  Every bag has one of four colorful monsters are on it which will make kids happy while mom smiles because the bags are BPA-free, biodegradable, disposable, recyclable, and re-usable.

Learn more about Wexy Lunch & Munch Bags here.


Beat the Heat and Headaches in June’s Migraine Awareness Month

The summer is beginning to heat up and for many the change in weather can be a migraine trigger.  Approximately 30-million or more people in America suffer from migraines and spikes in heat have been found to be a prominent cause. As migraines affect seven percent of men, 18 percent of women and seven percent of children, it is important to know how to prevent and combat these sometimes, excruciating headaches to enjoy the summer to its full potential. In the spirit of National Migraine Awareness Month this June, we’d like to share some tips on how to beat the heat and those migraines as summer begins to sizzle:

  • Prevent overheating this summer by always staying hydrated. While water is always the best choice, drinks that are caffeine-free like lemonade are also helpful in off-setting a headache.
  • When spending time outside, balance time between shady and sunny areas.
  • Prevent migraines from lasting for hours by keeping a cold compress nearby to quickly treat the pain, and keeping it from lasting longer.
  • Try hats with broad brims that keep sun off your neck and upper chest and back as well as your face.
  • If you exercise outdoors or don’t have air conditioning, you may need to modify your exercise routine for the summer. Consider lower-impact exercise like swimming, walking and hiking to stay in control of your body temperature.
  • If you suffer from chronic migraines, consider keeping a migraine journal in order to learn what changes in your environment might trigger a migraine. The journal could be invaluable should you choose to seek treatment from a migraine specialist.

Although there’s no sure way to avoid every headache or migraine this summer, we can still take steps to minimize them and their impact. When we take care of ourselves, we can take full advantage of those long summer days with our friends and family.

Today’s Guest Blog post is written by Holly Ruma, Mother, Marathoner, Yoga instructor and President of IPC Medical Corp., the developer of the HeadCoolie. IPC Medical is a diversified personal care products and services company based out of  Massachusetts. The organization is committed to assisting with holistic healthcare by providing innovative solutions using only safe, all natural and chemical-free products.  The HeadCoolie is a unique reusable adjustable headband designed to provide non-chemical, non-prescription therapeutic relief for headaches of all kinds, including migraines.

Bag Lady

I am obsessed with handbags.  When I was pregnant I was eyeing the Gucci diaper bag.  I even chose tan and chocolate brown for my Bugaboo to match this diaper bag.  But MY financial responsible husband put his foot down and forbid me getting this $1,000+ designer bag….sniff, sniff

So instead every few months I change to a new diaper bag.  Truth be told, MY husband may have just been better off if I got the Gucci bag and we called it a day.

Although there are so many fabulous and affordable diaper bags on the market and new ones being introduces each season.  Personally I am not a fan of Skip Hop’s.  While very functional, they are just to plain and ordinary.  (I do like many of their other products, including their children’s backpacks.)

So what am I carrying these days?  7 A.M. Enfant recently introduced a new line of diaper bags which are designed as cleverly as their baby outwear:  sophisticated styling with great details that actually perform.  (How ME does that sound?)  I have the “Barcelona” bag which looks like I am carrying a really nice handbag (admittedly not Gucci) and no one will suspect it’s holding Ian’s toy cars, crayons, lollipops, packets of Goldfish crackers….The outer pockets of The Barcelona bag are ideal for keeping my smart phone in a spot I can easily grab it.  The multiple interior pockets and sections keep ME organized at all times.  I absiolutely hate rummaging through a bottomless pit.

The new 7 A.M. Voyage diaper bag line also includes the Roma bag, which in jumbo size can become a weekend bag (I also have my eye on this one), the Polochon duffle (which has a sporty gym bag type look to ME) and the Voyage bag featuring numerous pockets and pouches.  The line is available in a fabulous array of colors that coordinate beautifully with the baby wear line.

These diaper bags range from $78-$118.  All are available at

Is the Third Time Truly a Charm for Bugaboo Cameleon?

I have been obsessed with Bugaboo even when I was a carefree, single “Sex & the City” type girl.  So when I became pregnant, I never shopped around for a stroller.  It was a Bugaboo Cameleon or bust.  (& fortunately for ME, I usually get MY way!)

Recently, I noticed that my coveted Cameleon has been reduced to $799 which seemed weird because prior to now, this model has never been on-sale before.  (And it will continue to be at this price through July 2012)

Today I received a press release announcing the new Bugaboo Cameleon3 (C3) which will become available this September.  Bugaboo C3 features all of its predecessor’s unmatched performance and incorporates further improvements in terms of ease-of-use, refreshed looks and improved functionalities.

Since its release in 2005, Bugaboo’s team of engineers and designers have refined and redesigned 90% of the stroller, based on continuously evolving insights and consumer feedback.

With the Bugaboo C3, unfolding has become even faster and easier than before, thanks to its redesigned unlocking system.  The multi-terrain stroller’s new flat-fold bassinet with one-hand release makes it easier to travel with and more convenient to store.

Furthermore, the underseat bag has been maximized, so there’s some extra storage for you too. And let’s not forget about the quick-release wheels, 6-step height adjustable handle bar, intuitive brake system, more durable chassis and padded adjustable harness.

Currently a Nordstrom exclusive, The Neon Collection will be released nationwide in the C3 version as well.  (I’m sure several families will be happy if they’ve held off purchasing the Neon)

The C3’s Breezy Sun Canopy will only come in silver and be just like the current Donkey’s. The C3 will no longer include a mosquito net, but a universal one will work for it and that can be purchased separately around the same time.

Seems like this September, in addition to pencils, books and backpacks, many families will be stroller shopping!  Starting September 2012, the Bugaboo C3 will be available on and at selected stores for $979.  For a retailer near you, visit

While I do love my Bugaboo, I will admit that as soon as my son became a mobile toddler, he indicated his overwhelming preference for his lightweight umbrella stroller and our beautiful Bugaboo now serves as a coat rack in our foyer.  sniff, sniff

still my favorite stroller especially for your priceless newborns/infants

Stop the Texts. Stop the Wrecks.

Did you know distracted driving is the number one killer of teens in America?

Despite this very risky behavior, a new national Ad Council survey published today as part of the “Stop the Texts. Stop the Wrecks.” campaign found that sixty percent of young adults (age 16 – 24) said they have texted while driving and fifty-eight percent will continue do so knowing that thousands are killed and hundreds of thousands are injured every year due to distracted driving.

The survey also found that friends, followed by their parents, are the people who would be influential in encouraging young adult drivers NOT to text while driving.

In light of these findings, today is the first nationwide “Stop the Texts” Day to encourage friends and parents of young adult drivers to educate them on the risks of texting while driving.

Beginning Today (Tuesday, May 1) at 9:00 a.m. (EDT), go to or and share status updates throughout the day to help spread the word about the risks of texting while driving.

App4Drivers is a revolutionary new $4.99 App available for Android and iPhones that helps improve driving behavior by tracking texting, excessive turns, excessive speeds, quick accelerations or sudden braking.

App4Drivers can document answered texts or phone calls during a drive. The program will even alarm and notify the user, or a car owner, or fleet manager, some distance away, if that happens while the App is active.

App4Drivers creates a trip report and a map showing where driving performance exceeds desired set levels for speed, braking, turning, and for cell phone use. The map can be automatically transmitted to any desired location.

The Distracted Driving feature maps any answered texts or phone calls. Good driving habits are documents and get better scores.

This handy program downloads and installs quickly and uses complex mathematical algorithms. The advantage of the internal GPS locator systems and accelerometer, combined with the incredible speed of the 3G network, provides the instant real-time analysis of motion. The phone then documents whenever and wherever the smart phone carrying person (driver or passenger), exceeds whatever speed or acceleration set points have been programmed.

The App4Drivers program has touch screen driven menus that document Acceleration, Braking, Cornering and Speed.

Once desired set points are entered, the program records the speed and calculates the g forces experienced by the driver. Phone application device owners can choose to protect all driving and vehicle information with a password. This will limit access when adding or editing a vehicle type or setting, as well as prevents data from being deleted.

Text, E-Mail and E-Alert Notifications allows whoever with access to the app to be informed of driving behavior on all covered vehicles, provided the app is active during their drive. Text messages can be sent whenever a vehicle crosses its G force parameters. E-Mail notifications are sent only after a recorded trip and provides all the data gathered for that trip. E Alert notifications are sent when a vehicle crosses the G force boundaries, alerting vehicle owners of any dangerous driving being performed in their vehicle. And, one can change which measurement system (English or Metric) to use with their app; providing a better understanding of driver statistics across borders.

When a violation occurs, the program will automatically send either a text message or an email message identifying the vehicle being used, the time the program started and stopped, the set point exceeded, the time of the infraction, and the duration that the set point was exceeded.

App4Drivers also provides users with the added capability of receiving a detailed trip report via Email that displays a map with drop pins indicating location of the vehicle when application was initiated and shutdown, a list of the set points, summary of violations and peak speed reached if speed set point were exceeded, the ID of the vehicle driven and a detailed list of any violations for that trip.

To encourage users to stay compliant, both versions also provide color visual and audio sound alarms when a driver comes within 95 percent of any set point limit (e.g., 55 MPH) identified by a user.

Designer Chet Karella says the program can be used by parents who want to monitor teen drivers, by truck and automobile fleet managers seeking assurance of employees safety, and by insurance companies who want to reduce costs of driver non-compliance and inattention.

The program which was developed and patented by Chet Karella of Dangerous Decisions LLC and Henry Decook of Adapto BV, can be tailored to allow drivers to specify driving parameters to multiple vehicles.

An educational video about how it works is available on You Tube at To dowload for $4.99, go to!/id481601744?mt=8

Stop the Texts. Stop the Wrecks.

Drive safely. Set a good example. Save precious lives.

Psst..Take Note of the Colorful New 2012 Post-It Brand Collections

Last night I attended the preview of the NEW 2012 Post-it® Brand Collections at CULT Studios.

Influenced by popular fashion, varied personalities, and color preferences, the new Post-it Notes Color Collections provide customers exciting ways to bring creativity, personality and style into daily life.

The Post-It Note Executives and the special guests wore Post-In Notes as pocket handkerchiefs.

The new Post-it Note Color Collections include:

• Jewel Pop Collection – Vibrant, contemporary colors that will turn heads
• Electric Glow Collection – Bright, daring hues with a jolt of energy
• Sunwashed Pier Collection – Cool hues that say “effortless”
• Ultra Collection – Playful and upbeat colors that make a statement
• Tropic Breeze Collection – Carefree and calm like a day on the beach
• Farmers Market Collection – Lively and fresh bursts of color
• Neon Collection – Bold, vivid color that demands attention
• Pastel Collection – Soft & tranquil hues that bring a welcome calm to busy days

As a fan of Post-It Notes, especially for labeling and jotting down notes, I am very excited with my Post-It goodie bag.

I only wish it included the shoe tape dispenser that they debuted for the first-time at last night’s event. The Brand Manager actually carried with her on the plane from Minnesota. It won’t be available until later this year for Back to School or the Holiday Season. It is expected to retail for approximately $14. The coordinating make-up compact and pocketbook post-it note holder dispenser were pretty adorable to. I almost want to go back to work just to have a desk to display them on! Almost! But I wouldn’t trade my current work situation for anything else.

Answer seven personality questions and discover the perfect match from the new Post-it® Notes Color Collections at .

The new Post-it Note Color Collections are available at office superstores and mass merchandise retailers nationwide.

If You Like Cracker Jacks

On the third day of Passover, this blogger recommends to you:

Matzel Toff!

I almost bought this at Dylan’s Candy when I went to pick up the Chocolate covered marshmallow kosher for passover frogs (which by the way my niece told me the inside was green!)

I resisted but when we stopped at Tal Bagel on Friday for our last bagel before Passover, I grabbed a box of the dark chocolate version. I haven’t eaten cracker jacks in a very, very long time. but it’s a taste that you don’t forget. When I bit into a piece of this decadent matzo dessert, I immediately thought of cracker jacks. This is like holiday crack! That’s how good it is!

I love when the Jewish holidays fall out the same time as the Christian holidays. Don’t ever say I discriminate between holidays. Here’s Ian and I with the Easter Bunny from the egg hunt at the 54th Street Rec Center last Sunday:

Again, Team Gutterman wishes everyone a very happy and healthy holidays! And for those on spring break this coming week, enjoy!

Boys & their Toys – NY Auto Show

On the way to the Javits Center for the New York International Auto Show, I couldn’t help but wonder if Christian Grey might be lurking at the Audi showroom! (Hey, a girl can dream!) As Stacyknows had posted in her blog, “Whenever I see an Audi now, I will forever associate it with this trilogy….and I’m ok with that.”

I thought I was being all clever and creative with this introduction, but it turns out there’s actually a ton of blog posts combining this erotic novel with automobiles. Here’s a worthy few to check out:

OK…now on to the PG version of the show….

The New York International Auto Show is full of activities that are fun for the whole family. Many exhibitors have activities specifically for kids including simulators, video games, movie cars and more. Strollers are allowed and kids 2 and under are free.

A special thank you to Nissan for providing me with the complimentary tickets to the show. It’s a big show this year for this car manufacturer. The Nissan Altima 2012, the most innovative ever, along with the Nissan NV200 “Taxi of Tomorrow” and the Nissan Pathfinder Concept, a preview of the next-gen Nissan Pathfinder SUV, are all on display at the show.

The New York International Auto Show is taking place now until Sunday, April 15, 2012. Monday – Saturday: 10am – 10pm and Sundays: 10am – 7pm (Personally, I love the late hours)

For more information, go to

Laters, baby! I have cars to go test drive!

My Private Pamper at Molton Brown

Lunchtime today I was treated to a mini-facial at Molton Brown and a wonderful introduction to their new skincare line from Lakea Best, the awesome store manager of the NYC Third Avenue location.

First let me give you a little backstory on ME and this luxury brand:

I am not a fan of scents. Neither my husband nor I wear cologne/perfume. Our laundry detergent is even fragrance-free. Two years ago, while at Jade Mountain in St. Lucia (it’s the ultra-high-end resort where Bachelor Brad proposed to Vienna) I happened to try to the Molton Brown Naran ji liquid soap in the restaurant bathroom. When I returned to our table, I insisted my husband go to the bathroom and try it too.

When we returned home, I went to Molton Brown and purchased the hand soap, as well as body washes and the facial wash. My husband and I are such faithful users of Molton Brown products that we stocked up in bulk when we heard the skinfresh facial wash was being discontinued.

As a top skincare client, I receive emails from Molton Brown and was invited in for a mini facial to learn about their brand-new range of anti-ageing and clinically-tested unisex skincare for face and bodynew skincare line. The new collection includes a cleanser, toner, face cream, SPF cream, eye gel, body creme and hand cream – basically all the essentials you need to keep your face and body in tiptop condition.

According to the company, “Offering low maintenance, high performance products with clinically proven results, the new range is engineered to help significantly improve the skin’s health and aging process.”

Each product in the 10-piece skin care collection has been designed for individual skin types and to target specific problems, including kalahari melon to keep skin supple, antioxidant rich malachite to pink toronja grapefruit which helps lift old surface cells to polish the skin. The new collection offers a comprehensive but easy to use skin care regime with targeted products for eyes and lips.

With ingredients ranging from karanja tree seed oil, malachite extract, free-radical-fighting peptides and beyond, I can actually see and feel the results.

For more information, log onto

Heads up NYC Moms: I am arranging a special Mom’s night out for my NYC readers at the Third Avenue location in early May (a pre-Mother’s Day celebration). More details to come as it gets finalized! I hope you’ll be able to join us!

Big thanks, Lakea, for the afternoon toddler-free beauty treat! (Although we mostly spoke about our sons!) Look forward to working together on our May soiree!

Vroom Your Engines….Is That a Gucci You’re Driving?

This certainly does not qualify as family-friendly mode of transportation. It’s super-sleek, compact and adorable. I had the pleasure of coming face-to-face with one at my parking garage last weekend.

My favorite aspect on the exterior is the 16-inch wheels with color-coordinated insets feature Gucci’s interlocking-G logo on the center caps. GGGGGorgeous! The interior space of the 500 by Gucci is stylish yet functional down to every last detail: chic embroidery, exclusive materials, glossy and satin chromes, the velvety varnish on the “radioboard,” the two-toned seats in Frau leather with the Guccissima print. Again, GGGGorgeous!

I actually have versus sticker shock -the car is starts at only $23,500. (Some women who lunch drop more than that in one day at the boutiques shopping!) If only it was a four-door.

Despite the fact that it won’t fit my lifestyle as a mom, I think it would be so much fun to cruise around in! Just because I am a mom doesn’t mean I have to lose my sense of style or become completely practical! I’m hoping it’s still around when my son gets his driver license and I’m done carpooling!

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