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Stop Shopping for a Dad

Hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!  Ours was fun, relaxing, delicious and very productive.  It was a big weekend for Ian filled with some cool firsts.  We got him his passport and his very own iPad.  (I’m almost embarrassed to admit this but its my first Apple product too)  So any apps you’d recommend is greatly appreciated.

I can’t even think back as far as Friday (it feels like a very long time ago)  Saturday afternoon we had a food fest at Madison Square Eats.  It’s happening through this Friday, June 1st so there’s still time to go grab a Red Hook lobster roll and/or a Roberta’s personal pizza.  Mmmmmmm!  Sunday my husband enjoyed corned beef hash from Sarge’s (which reminds me I have half a sandwich left-over for lunch)

We watched some good TV –MadMen–and plenty of not so stellar shows.

The word “Bachelorette” conjures up images of someone who looks like Emily.  Blonde, in great shape, stylish, Barbie-dollesque, great chest (verdict is still out on if they’re real or not), sweet, straight pearly whites, friendly, comfortable in her own skin……  BUT the one descriptor not on every guy’s list for the perfect bachelorette is “mom.”  Unfortunately, not even for one minute does Emily ever let anyone forget that she is a mom.

As writer Aly Walansky tweeted last night, “If there’s a lot more to you than being a mom, Emily, why do you speak about NOTHING ELSE?”

As she interrogates the guys I want to scream, “Stop shopping for a DAD.”

I also wanted to scream to Tony to go home where you are loved.  I have so much respect for Emily telling Tony to go home to his son Taylor.  That’s where he belongs.

Just because producers put good-looking people together doesn’t mean sparks will fly, there will be crazy entertainment that translates to the TV viewers.  I am BORED to tears so far.  A fan tweeted Chris Harrison last night asking when they leave North Carolina.  I don’t think it matters where in the world they are.  On the plus side, I am enjoying Emily’s wardrobe and Possessionista’s commentary on it.

As Emily continues to weed out the boys from the men, I remain optimistic that this show can find the magic it once had.  The good eggs are Doug and Sean.  I don’t know what everyone sees in Jef.  He certainly doesn’t scream father material to me.  Although I could see him as a cool Big Brother.  Ryan was my early favorite –but more as the next Bachelor than Emily’s future mate.  I am thrilled Stevie is gone.

Next week’s episode is on my birthday (June 4th) so I hope they make it extra special for me in Bermuda.  Cast and crew stayed at Rosewood Tucker’s Point.  I think there’s a two-on-one date which means one contestant will be forced to leave on the date.  Ouch!  Will it be one of your favs?


Media Opportunities (Once a Publicist, Always a Publicist!)

Yes, I promised I was on break through the long weekend BUT I was just made aware of this media opportunity which I felt was my duty to pass along to all my faithful readers:

Now casting: Upper East Side Super-Moms.  You know who you are! Your children have attended the best schools, thanks to you. Your children have everything they want, thanks to you. Your children are everything to you and you will do anything for them. Your children are gifted and talented, and your not just saying that because its your child.     If you think you are one of the Upper East Side’s Uber-Moms, and your children are 6-17 years old, or if you know someone who is, we are looking for you for a new show about the lifestyles of Uber-Moms on the Upper East Side.   Please submit pictures, contact information and a brief paragraph describing your situation.   Submit as soon as possible. The faster you submit, the faster the response. Deadline is this Saturday, May 26, 2012.

And while I happen to be posting, I can’t help but do a bit more bragging about MYSELF.  Today is the day that Nickelodeon’s Parents Connect featured ME on their “Sexy Mama Bootcamp.”  To say I am flattered is an understatement!

Do me the honors and check it out here:

While you’re there, you could win a sexy new bedroom set from Overstock.

I asked my husband how he feels being married to someone with this title and kinda demanded he come home with roses!  Don’t you think I deserve them?

So I haven’t made it much of a secret how much I enjoyed 50 Shades of Grey.  Breezy Mama made this fun vlog which I’m included in (not until around 4:40)  My fav pic is the guy with the …..(you gotta watch the video to see!)

Video: Photos of Moms Reading 50 Shades of Grey

Again, Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

(And honey, don’t forget those flowers!  It’ll be a nice touch for date night with your friends tonight!)

Going Out of My Comfort Zone & Calories Don’t Count Over a Holiday Weekend

Let me just put it out there right up front.  I am not a cook.  The best thing I make is reservations!  Seriously.  I didn’t even know how to boil water until college and my best friends in college can attest to us eating a lot of frozen yogurt as dinner (when we were eating plain boiled white rice)

When I got married, my husband sent me to Institute for Culinary Education (ICE) for a few classes.  I can’t exactly say they were “fun” but they were an experience for me—one I desperately needed.  My parents and my younger sister were all blessed with the cooking gene so I never had to try.  I preferred to enjoy eating their delicious creations.

Now as a wife and mother, I do have to step it up a notch and occasionally feed my family a home-cooked meal.  My husband jokes that our toddler is always going to associated “Dinner’s served” with let’s go down to the lobby and pick up tonight’s take-out from the Seamless delivery man.  Ouch!

Sometimes I do get into a cooking spurt.  It usually starts when I discover an interesting recipe and IF it comes out good, then my confidence is boosted and I am eager to make some other dishes.

The weather this week has been dreary, wet and gross.  Ian and I had been stuck in the house way too much.  It was good “comfort food” weather and I felt somewhat obligated to make my family a rich, hearty homemade meal, especially when I saw a tweet for Heather Christo’s Red Wine Risotto with Bacon + Onions.

I’ve previously made risotto a few times but with underwhelming success.  The champagne risotto I did was a big disappointed.  Honestly, I would have preferred to just drink the bottle of bubbly!  When the sun broke through, I dragged Ian to the supermarket.  (Yes, unlike Heather Christo who used scraps in her fridge, I needed to purchase almost all of the ingredients)  We needed something to do anyway.  My husband was excited that I was cooking him dinner.

When he got home from work, the house had a wonderful aroma.  Have you been privileged to smell Chianti simmering on a stove top?  It should be made into perfume–that’s how wonderful it smells!  I also love the color the risotto turned.  (Unfortunately I did not take any photos—the only hat I wore that night was my chef’s cap)

Here is the recipe for Heather Christo’s scrumptuous Red Wine Risotto With Bacon & Onions, along with step-by-step photos.

I will note that I was unclear which amount of red wine Heather was referring to in step 6.  I poured the rest of the bottle of Chianti I was using but think I was supposed to use the red wine and chicken stock mixture because I had plenty of that left in the saucepan when I was done cooking the risotto.  Plus, it would have been nice to have some left over wine to drink with our meal.

Aside from the constantly stirring (which is the secret to making risotto) I found the recipe super easy to make.  I did cheat and used pre-cooked bacon.

The only disappointment was that my son refused to even taste it so I had to come up with an alternative meal for him (Grrrrr!  So much for a home-cooked family dinner)  Also, my husband and I enjoyed it so much that there wasn’t any leftovers.  The recipe is for 6 but I served this not as a side but as our entire meal.

While I’m on the subject of cooking and food, I need to make you aware of these sweet treats for your Memorial Day Bash.  It seriously makes me want to have a barbecue just to serve these!  I am now following @pardonmycrumbs and @LifesABatchNic and can’t wait to see what creations they dream up next!

Here’s another great idea that even I can do.  It’s perfect if you don’t wantt o show up empty handed.  Remember it for July 4th too!

Simply wash fresh strawberries, then dry them completely. Next, dip about 2/3 of the strawberry into melted white chocolate. Before the chocolate hardens, dip 1/3 of the chocolate-dipped strawberry into blue decorating sugar. Now you’ve got a patriotic strawberry!

Wishing everyone a relaxing, fun and delicious Memorial Day Weekend with their friends and family!  I’m going to take the long weekend off mostly because none of us should be on our computers the next 3 days!  This year needs to slooooooooooooooow down.  It’s gone way to fast.  I want to enjoy every moment of summer.

I am a MOM, First & Always

Recently, there has been somewhat of a controversy and debate over the term “mommy blogger.”  I seem to be in the minority not taking any offense to this term.

After all, first and foremost, I AM A MOM.  When asked what I do, I respond that I am a stay at home mom (SAHM) who blogs.  Maybe it’s because it’s not my livelihood.  Don’t get me wrong, I wish I was earning some sort of income for these posts.  But the word MOM defines who I am.  It affects my writing.  Yes, I wrote before I was a mom.  But my son, “Baby I” was the inspiration for this particular blog.

While I am writing any particular post, I weigh the consequences of how it will affect my son and our family.  Sometimes there is such a thing as too much information (TMI).  Right now, my two and a half year old does not have his own voice, but what goes on the internet stays forever.  (It’s not like Vegas, where what happens in Vegas, stays there, baby!)

Being a mom affects my opinions, judgements, likes and interests.  Since becoming pregnant with “Baby I,” it’s no longer all about only Me, Myself & I.

So I don’t care what you call me.  I’ll answer to pretty much anything.  My whole life I am used to my name being mispronounced (both first and maiden name)  Nickelodeon’s Parents Connect calls me “a sexy, sassy mom!”  Most importantly, call me.  READ ME.  Forward my blog on and recommend to others you think we’ll enjoy it.  And if you want to throw money my way, I certainly won’t turn it down.

“Baby I” is calling me.  So if you will excuse me, I have some mom duties to do!

How do you feel about the terms “mom,” “mommy” and “mother?”

Emily & I Know You Have to Kiss A lot of Frogs

Some families have a crest.  Or a fancy, distinguishable last name.  Our family has a mascot.  It’s a frog to be specific.  How did a FROG of all objects become Team Gutterman’s mascot?  I’ve always been a hopeless romantic.  I grew up believing that if you kiss enough frogs, one is guaranteed to turn into your very own Prince Charming.  And that’s exactly what happened for me.

There’s always been a special place in my heart for The Muppets (maybe it’s because of my love affair with sweet frogs like Kermit)  Last year, I was super excited to attend an advance screening of The Muppet Movie and reviewed it for Babygizmo.  I also loved the Miss Piggy fashion spread in In Style.

So last week when I saw a few fun sneak peaks of Emily’s group date involving Kermit & Miss Piggy, I immediately put out a search for a Muppet aficionado to pen this week’s Bachelorette guest post.  I thought for sure between Facebook and Twitter, I would turn up the perfect person.  But alas, no such luck.  Jason Segal was unavailable–apparently he’s trying to make a Five Year Engagement work or something about Michelle Williams.

On the group date, 13 bachelors take to the stage and join Emily and the beloved Muppets for a live performance benefitting The Ricky Hendrick Centers for Intensive Care at The Levine Children’s Hospital.  I especially like that charity component.  See the sneak peek footage here

You Have To Kiss A Few Frogs Before You Meet Your Prince

The men also get a pleasant surprise when they see Ricki for the first time as she joins her mother and The Muppets in a special performance.  That evening at the swank after party, the competition for Emily’s attention heats up: Chris is all smiles as the Bachelorette gushes over his looks; Stevie treats her to a slow dance but gets interrupted by the overconfident Kalon; and Jef finally starts to open up to Emily.

Although I am skeptical, I really hope that Emily finds The Rainbow Connection.  I guess it depends on what your definition of “The Rainbow Connection” is.  If as this image depicts, it’s about achieving success in Hollywood, than she is more than on her way.  But even fame and success won’t keep you warm and content alone at night.

There has been a tremendous amount of press and blog posts on last Monday’s 90 minute season 8 premiere of The Bachelorette.  One of my favorite pieces that hits the nail on the head is Mary Fischer’s (AKA The Mommyologist) piece on Cafe Mom’s The Stir, 7 Ways ‘Bachelorette’ Emily Maynard’s Season Will Change the Show Forever, which reminds viewers:

1. The Mom FactorEmily may be a single lady looking for love, but she’s a mom first and foremost. She’ll want to set a good example for her daughter, Ricki, so I’m anticipating a lot less smooching, zero skinny dipping, and ground rules being firmly laid down before any fantasy suites are visited. She’ll get to know these men by talking to them and spending quality time with them — not by playing tonsil hockey.

Read the rest of Fischer’s insightful piece

From last week’s Season Premiere, 31-year-old Ryan Bowers is by far my favorite guy in the house.  I personally expected a better bunch of males for the beautiful Emily.  Regardless of how beautiful Arie is, I think it’s cruel to have a racecar driver as one of Emily’s suitors.  Actually, let’s make Ryan the next Bachelor and this is how I’d like to script the ending of this season.  Now that Chris Harrison is back in the dating pool, I think he should whisk Emily away.  Although if Brad is her type, Chris Harrison seems to be nothing at all like him.

Tune in at 9PM EST for tonight’s episode.

PLEASE NOTE:  I am seeking weekly Guest Bachelorette Bloggers so if you have any sort of involvement with the show &/or are a fan with a unique perspective, please reach out to me.


Today, Thursday, May 17, 2012, “shoulda, woulda, coulda” been my due date for baby #2/Ian’s baby sister or brother.

Prior to this post, I have not written about the miscarriage I suffered last Halloween. No need to try to do any calculations – I was 11 weeks along. Although it was a doomed, rollercoaster of a ride from the get-go. I would never wish what I went through on my worst enemy.

Miscarriage is such a personal and touchy subject. I really wish it wasn’t so taboo.  My husband wasn’t ready for us to share it with others and I had to respect his feelings.

Now 7 months later, I could get into the nitty gritty details, but does it matter? Part of me knows it would be therapeutic to write about it, as well as help others, but I also don’t really want to relive such a painful experience again.

I was able to have the embryo tested and did receive closure when the test results came back in December. Trisomy 16, a chromosomal abnormality in which there are 3 copies of chromosome 16 rather than two, is not compatible with life and is the most common chromosomal cause of miscarriages during the first trimester of pregnancy(causing over 100,000 miscarriages annually in the U.S. alone).

I really like even numbers, particularly 2, 4 and 10. Instead of sweet 16, I have soured on this particular digit.

The past few weeks it has been more difficult because I can’t help but think that I was supposed to be giving birth to a baby right around now.

As someone who has gone through a miscarriage, I will offer this advice to those reading this entry.

* Be sensitive when asking someone if they are going to be expanding their family
* If you are being told about a miscarriage, do NOT tell the person it happened for a reason, or it wasn’t meant to be. Just listen. There is really nothing you can say to ease the pain and heartache. Your comments, while well-meaning, will probably upset the female more.
* Technicians and the medical staff need to remember the importance of bedside manner. Yes, you see this happen on too regular a basis but gruffly announcing “No heartbeat” to a hormonal women while she has her legs in stir-ups is inappropriate. It’s not as if you’re telling her about a sprained ankle.

Here’s a piece Lil Sugar ran earlier this month (it is pregnancy awareness month) which is spot on.

I wear three bands on my left hand. One is my wedding band. Above that is a band with blue saphires which represents my one year anniversary and the birth of my son, “Baby I”, who was born 5 days after we stopped being newlyweds. And below that is a tiny plain band for the one we lost.

It was too early to confirm the gender, but I suspect it was a girl because I felt so different than I did while pregnant with my son. At our first ob/gyn appointment at 8 weeks when we were told the pregnancy seemed unviable, I decided I needed to have “faith.” So this became the middle name–also after my Grandma Frances.

What got me through is that I am blessed to have one wonderful, happy and healthy son. If this had been my first pregnancy, I imagine it would have been so much more difficult.

I continue to have FAITH.

*****Since writing this, I have suffered a second miscarriage.  I know everything happens for a reason, but I can’t help wondering WHY.  I should not have started recording in the Belly Book the moment the home pregnancy test was positive.  Now I have what seems like a collection of only first-trimesters filled out on two fragile periods of my life that I do not want to remember and yet will never ever forget.  How unfair that only one week before what should have been my second child’s due date, I had to have a d and c.  While May is National Pregnancy Awareness Month, I think awareness of miscarriage is something our society needs a lot more to focus on.  Expect many more posts on this topic.

If you’ve unfortunately had any experiences pertaining to miscarriages, please comment below. 

What I Learned Being a Guest on a Daytime TalkShow

Who would have thought that watching my brief appearance on The Nate Berkus Show would provide me with so much insight into the psyche of today’s celebrities.

Rewind:  Back in February, I pitched myself to have my wedding gown redesigned so I would be able to rewear it.  I even cajoled my close friend Amy Capetta to be my partner-in-crime.

We are two writers/publicists.  Hence, we are used to being behind the scenes.  We took a leap of faith and embarked on this journey together (my jargon sounds so Bachelorlike!  It’s probably because the season premiere was last night!)

We had fun in February when the segment taped both at our homes and then in-studio.  Who wouldn’t get a thrill out of having your own dressing room and getting your hair and make-up professionally done and then being fawned all over and being paid tons of attention on a national TV set?

This is The Nate Berkus Show’s only season (unfortunately, the show was not renewed) so the segment was taped but then shelved until after sweeps.  We had almost forgotten all about it and it had become a distant memory when we learned that it would be airing TODAY, Tuesday, May 15, 2012.  Calendars were marked.  Email reminders were sent out.  (You might have received a few)  There were many Facebook posts and several tweets.

I was somewhat skeptical that it was actually going to run today.  But then Amy confirmed that her cousins had seen it earlier in the day in Florida.  Suddenly, my nerves, anxiety, adrenaline and excitement kicked in.  The gloomy, wet, dreary weather had the day dragging as it was, but I swear I could hear the clock going TICK…TOCK…..TICK…..

fast forward: 

It was finally showtime.  I didn’t even get to see the opening the first time because my son could care less about “seeing Mommy on TV” and wanted Yo Gabba Gabba put on.  So I ran into the bedroom, rewound the DVRed program and tried to watch it again.  When I sauntered out in the green dress, all I could focus on was how big I appeared.  And I don’t BIG in a good, larger than life way.

Why did I never spend anytime on my arms when I did hit the gym (granted it was years ago)

Does my middle always bulge out like that?

Do I really look that squat?  I’m supposed to be tall. 

I reminded myself that TV adds 10 pounds.  My husband confirmed that I received all 10.  Thanks, honey, I love you too, love handles and all.

Seriously, I promise I am not fishing for compliments nor do I want to further point out all my flaws.  The point I am trying to get at is now I understand the ups and downs and constant scrutiny celebrities and other such people in the public eye endure on a constant basis.  Granted, they choose the lifestyle, but it is a lot to endure.  It makes sense to me now why many of them do things to EXTREMES.

I regret the comfort food I had delivered for lunch.  I am definitely eating a salad for dinner tonight and for the rest of the week.

The moral of the story:  the drawback to the life of fame, fortune, & VIP access—no food.  Hmmmm….something to think about as we try to make it through the rest of National Chocolate Chip Day!

Did Someone Get This Mom A Publicist?

In the past week alone I have been featured on many of my favorite sites, including

Does Christian Grey have power over you? One of our Network Bloggers thinks so (so do I!)

Three Twenty Eight’s Sunday Guest Hunter:

Time Out New York Kids Birthday Issue
A photo of Ian and I, along with a pull quote is running in the current issue of Time Out Kids Birthday Guide issue (on newsstands any day)

Tomorrow (Monday) I am being interviewed for a second article in a French Magazine on the 50 Shades of Grey phenomena, along with some friends.

The Nate Berkus Show
On Tuesday, May 15th, the pre-taped segment of me in my redesigned wedding dress is airing on NBC-TV between 2:00-3:00PM EST. Make sure to tune in! You’ll even get to see pics of me at MY Prom!

AND, Nickelodeon’s Parent’s Connect as selected me as one of the sexiest and sassiest mama bloggers! They have designated May as Sexy Mom Bloggers Month and will be featuring me and my recent post on May 24.

I promise to not let it all go to my head.

Another super busy week ahead of me with at least one event almost every night, if not multiple throughout the day.

I am looking forward to meeting Rosie Pope and Lisa Rinna this week who are both working the PR circuit for their latest projects, Pope’s new maternity line for a Pea in the Pod debuting in June and Rinna’s new book with Dr. IAN Kerner, Big Fun Sexy Sex Book.

Have a great week and lots of fun! It’s supposed to hit 80 by Friday in NYC!

Today’s An Acceptable Day to be SALTY & CRUSTY

Today (Thursday, April 26, 2012) is National Pretzel Day! Pretzels are a favorite snack in my household. I always make sure to have a bag on hand for my husband and son.

One of the necklaces I own (which is quite a conversation piece) is my gold pretzel salted in diamonds. I saw it at a jewelry trade show shortly after admiring the one Carrie Bradshaw wore on Sex & The City. People are constantly asking me about the significance to which my dad had come up with this response: “It represents my twisted life.”

On a tour of Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery, America’s first commercial pretzel bakery (located in Litiz, PA) last summer, I was excited to learn that the term “tying the knot” has special significance concerning the pretzel. It seems pretzels were introduced into the wedding ceremony. The couple wished upon and broke a pretzel like a wishbone, then ate it to signify their oneness.

I have been craving Pret a Manager’s monthly sandwich special – the roast beef & horseradish on PRETZEL bread. Only a few more days to get it. I wonder what next month’s special sandwich will be and hope it’s just as delicious.

If I have you hungry for pretzels now, here’s a delicious recipe my sister-in-law makes which happens to be one of my husband’s favorites:

Break up a bag or box of big, fat Snyders beer pretzels and put in a bowl. Add 1 cup oil, an entire packet Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing mix, and 1 tsp of each of the following seasonings: garlic, salt, garlic powder, dill weed and lemon pepper. Mix all the seasonings with the oil right in the measuring cup and then pour over broken pretzels and stir to coat. Spread it out on a cookie sheet and bake on 350 for 10 mins. Stir and cook 10 more minutes. Enjoy!

Now excuse me while I go be a good wife and make some for my husband.

Why “Me, Myself & Baby’s I”‘s Mom is A Sexy, Sassy Mom Blogger

Parents Connect has declared May Sexy Mamas Month! I try to be sexy and sassy all year round. Maybe I’m not M.I.L.F. status, but it is important to me to keep the romance and fun alive in my marriage and to look and feel my best.

While I may not always be the “fairest”….

I do take pride in my appearance.

As I undress my toddler, I always sing to him, “I’m too sexy for my……”

What makes ME feel sexy?
•My husband
•The excitement that pulses through me as I am frantically typing a blog post I am all worked up about
•Eating ice cream or frozen yogurt straight from the pint (Mmmmm! If I was ever to have an affair, it would be with Ben & Jerry)
•A fresh mani/pedi
•Feminine shoes
•Date night especially following great family bonding time (I am all about being the best mom and wife and achieving balance)
•Scoring a bargain! (I rarely pay full retail price and my husband appreciate this. Although he still thinks I shop too much and spend way too much money)
•When my hair is professionally done, especially a sleek and straight blow-out
•Consuming oysters on the half shell and bubbly
•Getting caught in the rain
•Wearing my Chanel bag (an extra-special, coveted gift from my husband)

•Unwinding and relaxing on Sunday nights watching Mad Men together
•Photographing my boys
•Pregnancy (most of the 9 months)
•Lip gloss
•Steamy bubble baths
•Brunching at trendy spots in NYC
•A little black dress

Who’s your sexy mama role model?
I admire many females who are wonderful mothers and wives. However, no one in particular is my role model. I take advice from many women and try to learn and grow on a daily basis.

What’s your best tip to help other moms feel super-confident and sexy?
Don’t compare yourself to celebrities, models or anyone you see and admire in mass media. (You could and would look like that too if you had a team of experts and then any imperfections were photoshopped out) Believe in yourself and your abilities. Your family loves you and would be lost without you. IF you think you are sexy, you will elude sexiness and be attractive to others. Also make sure to carve out some personal ME time for yourself. And if all else fails, dab on some Nars Orgasm blush.

I purposely have not included any photos of me because it does NOT matter what my physical appearance is. Sexiness is an attitude, a state of mind and being and is not subjective.

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