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My Blog Has a New Look & Address

Nothing stays the same. Change is inevitable.  Change is good.

From now on, I will be blogging at Me, Myself & Baby I

Please visit me at this professionally redesigned site.

Can’t wait to hear what you think of it.


We Can’t Wait to Check Back In at Hotel Transylvania

The first day of summer, Wednesday, June 20, 2012 was quite the heat wave but even the high temperatures couldn’t put a damper on the extra special late morning Ian and I shared.

I was invited to a special sneak peek of Hotel Transylvania, a Sony Pictures Animation film, which won’t be in theaters until September 28, 2012.

The plush Sony screening room was the perfect place to beat the sweltering heat.  I was a bit apprehensive that Ian might be loud and unruly.  I kept telling him that we were going to be the firsts to see a new carton.  But Ian has very specific tastes when it comes to his viewing pleasure.  He is even opinionated when it comes to cartoons.  When we have Nick Jr on, after a view minutes he generally demands “babba” (his word for Yo Gabba Gabba)  I would have cringed if during this press screening with Emmy award-winning director Genndy Tartakowsky and producer Michelle Murdocca, he shouted “babba.”

After the first clip was shown, Ian requested “More.”  Whew!  I could breathe easy.  We continued to watch scenes or rather he watched and I marveled in watching his reaction to the animation on the big screen.

The premise of this film is the celebration of Dracula’s beloved daughter Marvis’s 118th birthday.  So following the presentation, there was a full-blown birthday party complete with delicious cake, fun finger foods and even crazy drink potions, along with airbrush tatoos.  Everyone was so impressed by how well-behaved Ian was in the screening room and shocked to learn he is only 2.5.  He even managed to score an invitation to return in September to an advanced screening of the film.

I couldn’t have been more proud of my son.  And who knows, maybe he’ll have a future in the film industry.  I feel so lucky to be able to give my son such special experiences.  We capped the day off with lunch at Pinkberry.  I will cherish the memories of today.  We may have to celebrate Mavis’ birthday annually.  I think we’ll take Daddy along for the full screening.

Hotel Transylvania is a story about a father and daughter- it’s just that the father happens to be Dracukla,” said director Genndy Tartakovsky who is a dad himself.  “Like all fathers, he’s an overprotective, psychotic and endearing guy who’d do anything for his daughter, but unlike other father’s, he’s the Prince of Darkness.”

The Mama’s Boy Myth

Yes, my son is what society would refer to as a “Mama’s Boy.”  He’s only 2.5 years old and I am a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) so he’s with me practically 24/7….even when I go to the bathroom.  If he could climb back inside of me, I swear he would.  But I wouldn’t change a thing about our relationship.  And after reading The Mama’s Boy Myth by Kate Stone Lombardi, I feel like I don’t have to.

Oh Freud would have a field day with this.  Yes, she covers the Oedipus/Electra Complex in Chapter 2.  She also discusses “car talk” in Chapter 5.

“For at least a century, the common wisdom about mothers and sons has been something like this:  a mother who stays emotionally close to her son after he reaches, say, the tender age of five, is acting inappropriately.  She’s that smothering mother destined to prevent her boy from growing up to be a strong, independent man.  The mother is needy and controlling and refuses to cut the apron strings.  She is on track to create the archetypal ‘mama’s boy,’ an unappealing wimp who will never be able to form a mature adult relationship with women.”  (page 15)

I found this point to be extremely interesting:  “A ‘mama’s boy’ might be a reviled creature, but everyone looks tolerantly on ‘daddy’s little girl.'”  She has been singled out for an elevated status.”  (page 19)

“Look, mothers through the ages have wanted the same things for their sons-we want to protect them and we want them to be ready to face the world.  But the world our sons are entering is a very different place from the one their fathers and grandfathers navigated.”  (page 27)

“Our mothers’ and grandmothers’ generations might have idealized a man who was the ‘strong silent type,’ but today that guy is no longer considered a desirable catch.  Stoic and restrained men are seen as frustrating and irritating precisely because they are so uncommunicative.  It can be difficult to create emotional intimacy with them.  We don’t want our sons to retreat behind a similar wall of silence.  And just because they are sometimes difficult to reach and reluctant to talk doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to connect with our sons.”  (page 149)

“Yet being the mother of a son requires a balancing act.  We do want to support our boys’ emotional growth and develop their sensitive side, but rejecting some of the worst elements of the boy culture doesn’t mean throwing out all of it.  We do not want to isolate our sons from their peers or set them up for torment.”  (page 167)

Since I minored in sociology (human sexuality and gender studies to be exact), reading this book made me feel like I was back in college.  Admittedly, reading this book for pleasure for insight on raising my son, I did find parts of it very dense and textbook like and I did skip over certain paragraphs and pages.

I wonder what kind of relationship I will have with my son when he is older, the type of man he will grow up to be and how he will describe me.  I think it’s usually true that the way a guy treats his mother is very indicative of how he will treat his girlfriends and ultimately his wife.

ME and MY Little Man (“Baby I”)

Bag Lady

I am obsessed with handbags.  When I was pregnant I was eyeing the Gucci diaper bag.  I even chose tan and chocolate brown for my Bugaboo to match this diaper bag.  But MY financial responsible husband put his foot down and forbid me getting this $1,000+ designer bag….sniff, sniff

So instead every few months I change to a new diaper bag.  Truth be told, MY husband may have just been better off if I got the Gucci bag and we called it a day.

Although there are so many fabulous and affordable diaper bags on the market and new ones being introduces each season.  Personally I am not a fan of Skip Hop’s.  While very functional, they are just to plain and ordinary.  (I do like many of their other products, including their children’s backpacks.)

So what am I carrying these days?  7 A.M. Enfant recently introduced a new line of diaper bags which are designed as cleverly as their baby outwear:  sophisticated styling with great details that actually perform.  (How ME does that sound?)  I have the “Barcelona” bag which looks like I am carrying a really nice handbag (admittedly not Gucci) and no one will suspect it’s holding Ian’s toy cars, crayons, lollipops, packets of Goldfish crackers….The outer pockets of The Barcelona bag are ideal for keeping my smart phone in a spot I can easily grab it.  The multiple interior pockets and sections keep ME organized at all times.  I absiolutely hate rummaging through a bottomless pit.

The new 7 A.M. Voyage diaper bag line also includes the Roma bag, which in jumbo size can become a weekend bag (I also have my eye on this one), the Polochon duffle (which has a sporty gym bag type look to ME) and the Voyage bag featuring numerous pockets and pouches.  The line is available in a fabulous array of colors that coordinate beautifully with the baby wear line.

These diaper bags range from $78-$118.  All are available at

A Magical Moment (on The Playground): Disney Baby “Little Characters” Contest (SPONSORED)

A big thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and the Disney Baby “Little Character” Contest.

Children fill their parent’s lives with countless magical moments.  There’s the big milestones/firsts (smiling, laughing, rolling over, sitting up, walking, talking…) and the special occasions (birthdays, holidays, etc)  What I think is often even more treasured and much more memorable is how these little people have the ability to magically turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

I will never forget when my son Ian went down the big slide in the playground all by himself at only 21 months (on July 27, 2011 to be exact).  He didn’t walk on his own until he was 18 months so this was a very unexpected and major accomplishment.

My son is very attached to me and is almost always glued to my hip so this was a huge magical moment for me when I witnessed him exerting his own independence and being brave enough to do something he wanted to do.

When my pint-sized little man climbed up the giant ladder in his miniature shoes, it was as if he was climbing up the high dive and about to dive in head first at the Olympics.

I stood watching him with a huge smile glued to my face simultaneously both in awe and slightly terrified.  My stomach did a back flip in utter delight because it would never have to participate in going down the slide with my son again.  As Ian came swooshing down, all  I could think was “big slide today, before I know it, he’ll be getting his driver’s license!”

As you are reading this, I’m sure you are smiling and thinking of a something similar you experienced with your own child that was pure magic for you.  It’s not too late to enter Disney Baby’s “Little Characters” Contest.  But hurry because you only have until this Monday, June 18, 2012 to submit your entry.

From May 15 through June 18, Disney Baby will select one winner a week for a total of five finalists. Finalists will receive deluxe Disney Baby prize packages, including Huggies® diapers, and will be eligible for the Grand Prize $10,000 scholarship.  Other prizes include a crawl on role on ABC Family’s new comedy, “Baby Daddy,” a trip to LA plus $500 shopping spree and your baby’s Photo in a national magazine.

To learn more about the contest head to the contest page, and see all the prizes here.

National Lobster Day

It’s going to be a fantastic weekend!  How can it not be when Friday is National Lobster Day!  Mmmmm… mouth is watering as I type this just thinking about succulent lobster meat and drawn butter.

There’s so many delicious ways to enjoy these tasty crustaceans.  Steamed, baked, rolls, tails, bisque, in mac and cheese, nicoise…the choices are endless.

My wonderful younger sister who is the ultimate fashionista and “foodie” recently introduced ME and MY husband to the gourmet lobster rolls from Red Hook Lobster Pound.  One bite and I was addicted.  I literally stalk them on twitter (@lobstertruckny and @redhooklobster) to find out where in NYC their truck will be parked on any given day.  It’s worth the walk to score one of these to-die-for lobster rolls!  MY husband and I enjoy the Connecticut style (warm with drawn butter) while my sister prefers the Maine style (tossed in a light homemade mayo)

Jameson Tavern, one of the oldest operating Taverns in Maine (located right beside the L.L. Bean retail store in Freeport)  has have been Featured as a Favorite Maine Restaurant on the FoodNation Show. Bobby Flay was on site at the Tavern and exclaimed that Jameson had one of the best Lobster Stew recipes that he had ever tasted. MY husband is definitely in agreement!  He describes the stew as, “So good it is almost decadent. It was smooth and creamy with a splash of sherry.  A very hearty, delicious and memorable meal.”  Click here for the recipe for this outrageous Lobster Stew (recipe is courtesy of the Tavern)

Wanna feel even better?  Lobsters do NOT feel pain.  Whew!  Their nervous systems and brains are developmentally on par with those of insects. They have nerves but no ability to perceive stimuli as “pain.” The shrill noise you hear when you boil a lobster is steam escaping from the shell.  (So sometimes there really is gain without pain!)

National Lobster Day celebrates the fact that lobster is the largest of all seafood harvest in New England.   Popular worldwide and known as a delicacy, Lobster makes any occasion more fun.  So let’s celebrate.

Team (lobster) Gutterman at a wedding in Maine last summer

What’s your favorite way to eat lobster? 

My Reality: Just Being Me

I am “back to reality” after taking the red-eye home from a fabulous quick weekend trip to California.

Truthfully, I debated if I should bother reading – especially spending money buying- My Reality but I had a cross-country flight and nothing on my must-read now list.  It’s kinda tha same as, “Should I even bother watching another season of this ridiculous reality series?”

Melissa Rycroft is a lucky lady who studied finance and ended up with a super exciting career in in television.  As she illustrates in her biography, sometimes it pays off to be yourself.

“I think the most important thing I’ve learned from all of this, which I will take with me into whatever I do next – whether it’s in the entertainment world or not – is the importance of being brave enough to take chances and try new things…..Why not?  The worst that can happen is that it won’t work out.”  (page 235)

Melissa never badmouths Jason Mesnick and/or Molly.  I am surprised she would ever get involved with a Jewish guy given how important her Christian faith is to her.

Melissa is definitely not a Bachelor statistic.  She’s sweet and genuine and likeable.  The cameras like her.  Friends like her.  Fans like her.  Producers like her.  She does recognize that she offered “the perfect combustible material for good TV.”  (page 144)

She explains, “The longer I was outside of the ‘Bachelor Bubble,’ the easier it was for me to get some perspective.  I really think that all of the qualities that made my girlfriends decide to sign me up for The Bachelor – my vulnerability, my low self-esteem, my desperation to be in a serious relationship-were exactly what made me so susceptible to the ‘Bachelor Bubble’.”  (page 154)

It took Melissa going on The Bachelor to get her boyfriend Tye to give up his infamous bachelor life, including his bachelor pad, and finally commit to her.

“The bad times I went through definitely make me appreciate the good times now.”  (page 236)

I read the entire book front to back (240 pages) in less than 2.5 hours on the plane.  Anyone who has ever flirted with appearing on reality TV should read this book.  I do wish Melissa talked more about filming during her season as a contestant on the Bachelor (especially details about what really happens in the fantasy suite) but contractually she probably is not allowed to.

She does say, “…reality TV has this way of airing what it wants you to believe.”  (page 229)  “We went on three dates on the show.  We didn’t know each other well enough to know if we were in love or even compatible enough to get married.  (page 226)  “…Jason never really had a chance to steal my heart-because it belonged to someone else at the time.”  (page 227)

I am truly happy for Melissa’s successes both on and off-camera.  I have last Sunday night’s one hour finale of Melissa and Tye (CMT) on DVR but I am already curious when season 2 starts.

It’s a Weekend of Whatever I Want But I’m Leaving My Heart in New York City

Life is all about firsts.  Even as a married woman with a child, I continue to have wonderful, unforgettable new experiences.  This weekend I am doing something I have never done before!  For the first time since I’ve gotten married, I am going away all by myself!

My best friend since childhood (second grade to be exact) is getting married!!!!  She flew in especially for my big day and I am beyond ecstatic to celebrate with her as she begins her new life!  I wouldn’t miss her wedding for anything and am so excited to be a bridesmaid.

My weekend in San Francisco is jam-packed and filled with lots of my all-time favorites–particularly pampering, good food and special friends!  Manis/pedis, rehearsal dinner, hair & make-up, bridal party photos, wedding ceremony & reception!  Although I will miss my boys like crazy, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m also kinda psyched about having a hotel room to myself!  When I land, I have the whole rest of the day all to myself to do whatever I want, go whereever I want, eat whatever I want, see whatever I want…. (you get the idea)

It’ll be good for Scott to spend a whole weekend with Ian.  And they’ll be visiting both grandmas.  Plus, they have a brand new episode of Ian’s favorite show to watch!

Yo Gabba Gabba! meets The Fresh Beat Band in the new epic musical adventure “Yo! Fresh Beats Go Gabba Gabba!” premieres Friday, June 8, 11:30/10:30c on NICK Jr.

Scott has strict orders he must wait for me to get back to watch the Mad Men finale airing on Sunday night.

I may be going to San Francisco, but I will be leaving my heart in New York.

Until next week!!!!  Maybe my boys will even appreciate me more when I get back!  I know I’ll be in need of tons of hugs and kisses from them upon my return home.

It’s My Birthday & I’m Giving You Discounted Seats to Rapture,Blister, Burn

Birthdays are so different as an adult than as a kid.  While I try not to lose sleep over aging another year, (I did as a child because I was so giddy with excitement for my special day) I do embrace birthdays and think they are meant to be celebrated with family and friends.

My sister gave me a fantastic birthday present by baby-sitting for her nephew on Saturday night while my husband and I went to see Burn, Rapture, Bliss (the front row, center tickets were a birthday gift from the fabulous MamaDrama)  Ian is too young to take advantage of the childcare provided by  Playtime!  .

After grad school, Catherine (Amy Brenneman) and Gwen (Kellie Overbey) chose polar opposite paths. Catherine built a career as a rockstar academic, while Gwen built a home with her husband and children. Decades later, unfulfilled in polar opposite ways, each woman covets the other’s life, commencing a dangerous game of musical chairs – the prize being Gwen’s husband (Lee Tergesen).  With searing insight and trademark wit, Gina Gionfriddo’s comedy is an unflinching look at gender politics in the wake of 20th century feminist ideals.

The five actor ensemble was incredible.  Avery’s quick-wit and unexpected funny remarks made her my favorite character.  (“If I wind up in Mommy & Me classes after the thousands of dollars spent on my education, it will piss my parents off…”)  My husband was impressed with actress Beth Nixon who played Catherine’s senior citizen mother Alice.  I couldn’t believe that we were merely inches away from TV star Amy Brenneman who was often barefoot (I could actually see her toe nail polish which matched her well-manicured nails) and even stripped all the way down to her bra and panties in one scene.  Wait till I tell my mom who watched her on Judging Amy.

Some of the issues the play explores include:

  • Where do you go after being a housewife?
  • Can you hire someone to create a home for you?  Or is nesting something you can’t outsource?
  • Is an open door permission to steal?
  • Does the man have to lead and the female follow?  In a relationship, you can’t both go first.  How do you deal with 50/50 and compromise?
  • What happens when you romanticize economic dependence?  Can a family be happy without money?
  • Is it easier for a woman to be driven when she doesn’t have any attachments?
  • How do you make up for a life misspent?

While the grass is always greener, this play reaffirms that I don’t want to trade lives with anyone, including former roommates.

Hurry and get your tickets because the show closes on June 24, 2012.  Order at by tomorrow, June 5 with code PLAYRBBlog and save $20 per ticket ($50 instead of $70)

I’m going to keep celebrating my birthday!!!!!  I have some more cake to eat.  Calories don’t count when it’s your birthday!

last year’s birthday cake at ABC Kitchen

Is the Third Time Truly a Charm for Bugaboo Cameleon?

I have been obsessed with Bugaboo even when I was a carefree, single “Sex & the City” type girl.  So when I became pregnant, I never shopped around for a stroller.  It was a Bugaboo Cameleon or bust.  (& fortunately for ME, I usually get MY way!)

Recently, I noticed that my coveted Cameleon has been reduced to $799 which seemed weird because prior to now, this model has never been on-sale before.  (And it will continue to be at this price through July 2012)

Today I received a press release announcing the new Bugaboo Cameleon3 (C3) which will become available this September.  Bugaboo C3 features all of its predecessor’s unmatched performance and incorporates further improvements in terms of ease-of-use, refreshed looks and improved functionalities.

Since its release in 2005, Bugaboo’s team of engineers and designers have refined and redesigned 90% of the stroller, based on continuously evolving insights and consumer feedback.

With the Bugaboo C3, unfolding has become even faster and easier than before, thanks to its redesigned unlocking system.  The multi-terrain stroller’s new flat-fold bassinet with one-hand release makes it easier to travel with and more convenient to store.

Furthermore, the underseat bag has been maximized, so there’s some extra storage for you too. And let’s not forget about the quick-release wheels, 6-step height adjustable handle bar, intuitive brake system, more durable chassis and padded adjustable harness.

Currently a Nordstrom exclusive, The Neon Collection will be released nationwide in the C3 version as well.  (I’m sure several families will be happy if they’ve held off purchasing the Neon)

The C3’s Breezy Sun Canopy will only come in silver and be just like the current Donkey’s. The C3 will no longer include a mosquito net, but a universal one will work for it and that can be purchased separately around the same time.

Seems like this September, in addition to pencils, books and backpacks, many families will be stroller shopping!  Starting September 2012, the Bugaboo C3 will be available on and at selected stores for $979.  For a retailer near you, visit

While I do love my Bugaboo, I will admit that as soon as my son became a mobile toddler, he indicated his overwhelming preference for his lightweight umbrella stroller and our beautiful Bugaboo now serves as a coat rack in our foyer.  sniff, sniff

still my favorite stroller especially for your priceless newborns/infants

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