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We All Want to Be A Skinny Girl

I am a reality show junkie but I have never watched any of the shows Bethenny Frankel has been involved with. I had known of her, but my real only involvement with her is because of her Skinny Girl Margaritas (In my former life prior to becoming a mom, I represented a high-end tequila)

Since last Fall, I have been very curious and intrigued about cleanses. I considered doing the one Gwyneth Paltrow recommends as a New Year’s Resolution, but I was unable to persuade my “better half” to be my “partner in crime.” (Or really starve himself silly along with me.) Cleanse shops are popping up all over NYC and seem to be all the rage, kinda like frozen yogurt stores or Starbucks. Friends in the media world have spoken highly of Blueprint.

So when I received a pitch regarding Skinnygirl Daily, on-the-go nutrition, I welcomed the samples.

Cleansing can be confusing and intimidating. That’s why Bethenny created her own solution, the Skinnygirl Daily Cleanse and Restore. As with everything in the “Skinnygirl” brand, this product is a simple solution to a common problem. This all natural product consists of individual green lemonade packets that you put into a glass of water at night and/or in the morning. It gently cleanses the system on a daily basis while replenishing and restoring the system with vibrant greens. Enrich your body as you flavor your water. It’s available in strawberry lemonade (+energy & alertness), tangerine (+immunity), blueberry lemonade (+stress relief calm), wild berry (+hair skin nails) and as a variety pack to enjoy a variety of benefits depending on your daily needs.

The important distinction is, you can take it everyday because it isn’t harsh. It will naturally keep things moving, while removing toxins from your system (detoxing).

Purchase Skinnygirl Daily at the following retailers: Skinnygirl, GNC and Walmart.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I have arranged for MY readers to save $5.00 off any purchase of $14.00 or more using the promo code “MOTHERSDAY,” at (valid through 5/20).

In addition, from May 8-15, every box of Skinnygirl Daily On-the-Go Vitamin Power Packets will come with a limited edition Skinnygirl Daily t-shirt – perfect for the summer weather!


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