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Is the Third Time Truly a Charm for Bugaboo Cameleon?

I have been obsessed with Bugaboo even when I was a carefree, single “Sex & the City” type girl.  So when I became pregnant, I never shopped around for a stroller.  It was a Bugaboo Cameleon or bust.  (& fortunately for ME, I usually get MY way!)

Recently, I noticed that my coveted Cameleon has been reduced to $799 which seemed weird because prior to now, this model has never been on-sale before.  (And it will continue to be at this price through July 2012)

Today I received a press release announcing the new Bugaboo Cameleon3 (C3) which will become available this September.  Bugaboo C3 features all of its predecessor’s unmatched performance and incorporates further improvements in terms of ease-of-use, refreshed looks and improved functionalities.

Since its release in 2005, Bugaboo’s team of engineers and designers have refined and redesigned 90% of the stroller, based on continuously evolving insights and consumer feedback.

With the Bugaboo C3, unfolding has become even faster and easier than before, thanks to its redesigned unlocking system.  The multi-terrain stroller’s new flat-fold bassinet with one-hand release makes it easier to travel with and more convenient to store.

Furthermore, the underseat bag has been maximized, so there’s some extra storage for you too. And let’s not forget about the quick-release wheels, 6-step height adjustable handle bar, intuitive brake system, more durable chassis and padded adjustable harness.

Currently a Nordstrom exclusive, The Neon Collection will be released nationwide in the C3 version as well.  (I’m sure several families will be happy if they’ve held off purchasing the Neon)

The C3’s Breezy Sun Canopy will only come in silver and be just like the current Donkey’s. The C3 will no longer include a mosquito net, but a universal one will work for it and that can be purchased separately around the same time.

Seems like this September, in addition to pencils, books and backpacks, many families will be stroller shopping!  Starting September 2012, the Bugaboo C3 will be available on and at selected stores for $979.  For a retailer near you, visit

While I do love my Bugaboo, I will admit that as soon as my son became a mobile toddler, he indicated his overwhelming preference for his lightweight umbrella stroller and our beautiful Bugaboo now serves as a coat rack in our foyer.  sniff, sniff

still my favorite stroller especially for your priceless newborns/infants


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