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Stop Shopping for a Dad

Hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!  Ours was fun, relaxing, delicious and very productive.  It was a big weekend for Ian filled with some cool firsts.  We got him his passport and his very own iPad.  (I’m almost embarrassed to admit this but its my first Apple product too)  So any apps you’d recommend is greatly appreciated.

I can’t even think back as far as Friday (it feels like a very long time ago)  Saturday afternoon we had a food fest at Madison Square Eats.  It’s happening through this Friday, June 1st so there’s still time to go grab a Red Hook lobster roll and/or a Roberta’s personal pizza.  Mmmmmmm!  Sunday my husband enjoyed corned beef hash from Sarge’s (which reminds me I have half a sandwich left-over for lunch)

We watched some good TV –MadMen–and plenty of not so stellar shows.

The word “Bachelorette” conjures up images of someone who looks like Emily.  Blonde, in great shape, stylish, Barbie-dollesque, great chest (verdict is still out on if they’re real or not), sweet, straight pearly whites, friendly, comfortable in her own skin……  BUT the one descriptor not on every guy’s list for the perfect bachelorette is “mom.”  Unfortunately, not even for one minute does Emily ever let anyone forget that she is a mom.

As writer Aly Walansky tweeted last night, “If there’s a lot more to you than being a mom, Emily, why do you speak about NOTHING ELSE?”

As she interrogates the guys I want to scream, “Stop shopping for a DAD.”

I also wanted to scream to Tony to go home where you are loved.  I have so much respect for Emily telling Tony to go home to his son Taylor.  That’s where he belongs.

Just because producers put good-looking people together doesn’t mean sparks will fly, there will be crazy entertainment that translates to the TV viewers.  I am BORED to tears so far.  A fan tweeted Chris Harrison last night asking when they leave North Carolina.  I don’t think it matters where in the world they are.  On the plus side, I am enjoying Emily’s wardrobe and Possessionista’s commentary on it.

As Emily continues to weed out the boys from the men, I remain optimistic that this show can find the magic it once had.  The good eggs are Doug and Sean.  I don’t know what everyone sees in Jef.  He certainly doesn’t scream father material to me.  Although I could see him as a cool Big Brother.  Ryan was my early favorite –but more as the next Bachelor than Emily’s future mate.  I am thrilled Stevie is gone.

Next week’s episode is on my birthday (June 4th) so I hope they make it extra special for me in Bermuda.  Cast and crew stayed at Rosewood Tucker’s Point.  I think there’s a two-on-one date which means one contestant will be forced to leave on the date.  Ouch!  Will it be one of your favs?


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