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Media Opportunities (Once a Publicist, Always a Publicist!)

Yes, I promised I was on break through the long weekend BUT I was just made aware of this media opportunity which I felt was my duty to pass along to all my faithful readers:

Now casting: Upper East Side Super-Moms.  You know who you are! Your children have attended the best schools, thanks to you. Your children have everything they want, thanks to you. Your children are everything to you and you will do anything for them. Your children are gifted and talented, and your not just saying that because its your child.     If you think you are one of the Upper East Side’s Uber-Moms, and your children are 6-17 years old, or if you know someone who is, we are looking for you for a new show about the lifestyles of Uber-Moms on the Upper East Side.   Please submit pictures, contact information and a brief paragraph describing your situation.   Submit as soon as possible. The faster you submit, the faster the response. Deadline is this Saturday, May 26, 2012.

And while I happen to be posting, I can’t help but do a bit more bragging about MYSELF.  Today is the day that Nickelodeon’s Parents Connect featured ME on their “Sexy Mama Bootcamp.”  To say I am flattered is an understatement!

Do me the honors and check it out here:

While you’re there, you could win a sexy new bedroom set from Overstock.

I asked my husband how he feels being married to someone with this title and kinda demanded he come home with roses!  Don’t you think I deserve them?

So I haven’t made it much of a secret how much I enjoyed 50 Shades of Grey.  Breezy Mama made this fun vlog which I’m included in (not until around 4:40)  My fav pic is the guy with the …..(you gotta watch the video to see!)

Video: Photos of Moms Reading 50 Shades of Grey

Again, Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

(And honey, don’t forget those flowers!  It’ll be a nice touch for date night with your friends tonight!)

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