Me, Myself & Baby I

Out of the mouths of babes

I am a MOM, First & Always

Recently, there has been somewhat of a controversy and debate over the term “mommy blogger.”  I seem to be in the minority not taking any offense to this term.

After all, first and foremost, I AM A MOM.  When asked what I do, I respond that I am a stay at home mom (SAHM) who blogs.  Maybe it’s because it’s not my livelihood.  Don’t get me wrong, I wish I was earning some sort of income for these posts.  But the word MOM defines who I am.  It affects my writing.  Yes, I wrote before I was a mom.  But my son, “Baby I” was the inspiration for this particular blog.

While I am writing any particular post, I weigh the consequences of how it will affect my son and our family.  Sometimes there is such a thing as too much information (TMI).  Right now, my two and a half year old does not have his own voice, but what goes on the internet stays forever.  (It’s not like Vegas, where what happens in Vegas, stays there, baby!)

Being a mom affects my opinions, judgements, likes and interests.  Since becoming pregnant with “Baby I,” it’s no longer all about only Me, Myself & I.

So I don’t care what you call me.  I’ll answer to pretty much anything.  My whole life I am used to my name being mispronounced (both first and maiden name)  Nickelodeon’s Parents Connect calls me “a sexy, sassy mom!”  Most importantly, call me.  READ ME.  Forward my blog on and recommend to others you think we’ll enjoy it.  And if you want to throw money my way, I certainly won’t turn it down.

“Baby I” is calling me.  So if you will excuse me, I have some mom duties to do!

How do you feel about the terms “mom,” “mommy” and “mother?”


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2 thoughts on “I am a MOM, First & Always

  1. Enjoyed this post – Well said! For me , first and foremost, Being a good dad and husband! – L.S.

  2. JennyFromTheBlog on said:

    I’m not a fan of the term, I prefer: “Brilliant Mom Who Influences Other Moms, While Maintaining Her Sense of Irony and Ability to Wear 4 Inch Heels.” Admittedly, that’s a long title.

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