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Emily & I Know You Have to Kiss A lot of Frogs

Some families have a crest.  Or a fancy, distinguishable last name.  Our family has a mascot.  It’s a frog to be specific.  How did a FROG of all objects become Team Gutterman’s mascot?  I’ve always been a hopeless romantic.  I grew up believing that if you kiss enough frogs, one is guaranteed to turn into your very own Prince Charming.  And that’s exactly what happened for me.

There’s always been a special place in my heart for The Muppets (maybe it’s because of my love affair with sweet frogs like Kermit)  Last year, I was super excited to attend an advance screening of The Muppet Movie and reviewed it for Babygizmo.  I also loved the Miss Piggy fashion spread in In Style.

So last week when I saw a few fun sneak peaks of Emily’s group date involving Kermit & Miss Piggy, I immediately put out a search for a Muppet aficionado to pen this week’s Bachelorette guest post.  I thought for sure between Facebook and Twitter, I would turn up the perfect person.  But alas, no such luck.  Jason Segal was unavailable–apparently he’s trying to make a Five Year Engagement work or something about Michelle Williams.

On the group date, 13 bachelors take to the stage and join Emily and the beloved Muppets for a live performance benefitting The Ricky Hendrick Centers for Intensive Care at The Levine Children’s Hospital.  I especially like that charity component.  See the sneak peek footage here

You Have To Kiss A Few Frogs Before You Meet Your Prince

The men also get a pleasant surprise when they see Ricki for the first time as she joins her mother and The Muppets in a special performance.  That evening at the swank after party, the competition for Emily’s attention heats up: Chris is all smiles as the Bachelorette gushes over his looks; Stevie treats her to a slow dance but gets interrupted by the overconfident Kalon; and Jef finally starts to open up to Emily.

Although I am skeptical, I really hope that Emily finds The Rainbow Connection.  I guess it depends on what your definition of “The Rainbow Connection” is.  If as this image depicts, it’s about achieving success in Hollywood, than she is more than on her way.  But even fame and success won’t keep you warm and content alone at night.

There has been a tremendous amount of press and blog posts on last Monday’s 90 minute season 8 premiere of The Bachelorette.  One of my favorite pieces that hits the nail on the head is Mary Fischer’s (AKA The Mommyologist) piece on Cafe Mom’s The Stir, 7 Ways ‘Bachelorette’ Emily Maynard’s Season Will Change the Show Forever, which reminds viewers:

1. The Mom FactorEmily may be a single lady looking for love, but she’s a mom first and foremost. She’ll want to set a good example for her daughter, Ricki, so I’m anticipating a lot less smooching, zero skinny dipping, and ground rules being firmly laid down before any fantasy suites are visited. She’ll get to know these men by talking to them and spending quality time with them — not by playing tonsil hockey.

Read the rest of Fischer’s insightful piece

From last week’s Season Premiere, 31-year-old Ryan Bowers is by far my favorite guy in the house.  I personally expected a better bunch of males for the beautiful Emily.  Regardless of how beautiful Arie is, I think it’s cruel to have a racecar driver as one of Emily’s suitors.  Actually, let’s make Ryan the next Bachelor and this is how I’d like to script the ending of this season.  Now that Chris Harrison is back in the dating pool, I think he should whisk Emily away.  Although if Brad is her type, Chris Harrison seems to be nothing at all like him.

Tune in at 9PM EST for tonight’s episode.

PLEASE NOTE:  I am seeking weekly Guest Bachelorette Bloggers so if you have any sort of involvement with the show &/or are a fan with a unique perspective, please reach out to me.


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