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What I Learned Being a Guest on a Daytime TalkShow

Who would have thought that watching my brief appearance on The Nate Berkus Show would provide me with so much insight into the psyche of today’s celebrities.

Rewind:  Back in February, I pitched myself to have my wedding gown redesigned so I would be able to rewear it.  I even cajoled my close friend Amy Capetta to be my partner-in-crime.

We are two writers/publicists.  Hence, we are used to being behind the scenes.  We took a leap of faith and embarked on this journey together (my jargon sounds so Bachelorlike!  It’s probably because the season premiere was last night!)

We had fun in February when the segment taped both at our homes and then in-studio.  Who wouldn’t get a thrill out of having your own dressing room and getting your hair and make-up professionally done and then being fawned all over and being paid tons of attention on a national TV set?

This is The Nate Berkus Show’s only season (unfortunately, the show was not renewed) so the segment was taped but then shelved until after sweeps.  We had almost forgotten all about it and it had become a distant memory when we learned that it would be airing TODAY, Tuesday, May 15, 2012.  Calendars were marked.  Email reminders were sent out.  (You might have received a few)  There were many Facebook posts and several tweets.

I was somewhat skeptical that it was actually going to run today.  But then Amy confirmed that her cousins had seen it earlier in the day in Florida.  Suddenly, my nerves, anxiety, adrenaline and excitement kicked in.  The gloomy, wet, dreary weather had the day dragging as it was, but I swear I could hear the clock going TICK…TOCK…..TICK…..

fast forward: 

It was finally showtime.  I didn’t even get to see the opening the first time because my son could care less about “seeing Mommy on TV” and wanted Yo Gabba Gabba put on.  So I ran into the bedroom, rewound the DVRed program and tried to watch it again.  When I sauntered out in the green dress, all I could focus on was how big I appeared.  And I don’t BIG in a good, larger than life way.

Why did I never spend anytime on my arms when I did hit the gym (granted it was years ago)

Does my middle always bulge out like that?

Do I really look that squat?  I’m supposed to be tall. 

I reminded myself that TV adds 10 pounds.  My husband confirmed that I received all 10.  Thanks, honey, I love you too, love handles and all.

Seriously, I promise I am not fishing for compliments nor do I want to further point out all my flaws.  The point I am trying to get at is now I understand the ups and downs and constant scrutiny celebrities and other such people in the public eye endure on a constant basis.  Granted, they choose the lifestyle, but it is a lot to endure.  It makes sense to me now why many of them do things to EXTREMES.

I regret the comfort food I had delivered for lunch.  I am definitely eating a salad for dinner tonight and for the rest of the week.

The moral of the story:  the drawback to the life of fame, fortune, & VIP access—no food.  Hmmmm….something to think about as we try to make it through the rest of National Chocolate Chip Day!


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One thought on “What I Learned Being a Guest on a Daytime TalkShow

  1. Great entry! You are gorgeous! 🙂

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