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Trying to Find the Words

My husband Scott attended the following on my behalf last week and is reporting on it below: 

On Tuesday, May 8, 2012, I attended a gala hosted by The Stuttering Foundation at the beautiful Lotus Club in New York City. The gala reception was thrown in celebration of National Stuttering Awareness Week and the Foundation’s 65th Anniversary honoring John Stossel, Fox News Channel and former 20/20 co-anchor;  Scott Damian, Author/Actor/Playwriter; Francois Goudreault, Jr., Lead Singer of Hello Kelly and Ellis Lankster, Cornerback, New York Jets, all /have overcome a stuttering problem to excel in their chosen professions.  The night even featured a live “unplugged” performance by Hello Kelly (lead singer Francois Goudreault, Jr stutters.)

“In their song Communication Breakdown, Francy and his bandmates have set to music the struggles 68 million people around the world live each day,” said Jane Fraser, president of the Stuttering Foundation. “Francy’s message and achievement amplify hope for a new generation of people who stutter.”

The Stuttering Foundation has been in existence for over 65 years.  The mission of the organization is to fund research into why people stutter as well as provide educational assistance to those who suffer from the affliction.  The foundation’s website has been visited over 45 million times by those seeking information.

While the Oscar-winning movie The King’s Speech provided much awareness of the problem of stuttering, the fight to understand all the causes of this disorder continues under the leadership of this wonderful foundation.

Here’s to another 65 years and finding a cure.


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One thought on “Trying to Find the Words

  1. We are all trying to our little part in a big world.

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