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50 Shades of Sunday or…Later’s, Baby, I’m 50 Shades Free

It was an emotional weekend for me and one that required some major R&R, TLC and much-needed down time for me with just my boys.  When I wasn’t napping or eating, I was reading.  I had been hesitant to start book 3 because I had become so disenchanted with Christian Grey in 50 Shades Darker (which I keep wanting to call Deeper).  I am thrilled to report that I am enthralled once again as soon as I began reading 50 Shades Free (in a hospital waiting room, no less, and NOT on an electronic reading device)

Reading other reviews and write-ups, I am sensing that my interest in 50 Shades is different from the majority of women.  (Hey, I always say I am a one-of-a-kind, unique, original!)

I am not reading it for the dominant-submissive lifestyle.  Nor am I reading it for the S&M or erotica.  I am drawn and attracted to Christian Grey.  He is stunningly handsome, sexy, successful, filthy-rich, intriguing, unique…..

I am reading it as a fantasy.  The same way I tuned into All My Children for over 36 years.  It’s a diversion from my normal, everyday life, bonding with other characters I have taken an interest in and can consider my “friends.”

“This is like unwrapping my Christmas present.”  he smiles up at me through his long dark lashes.”  (page 21)

50 Shades is receiving criticism that the trilogy goes against women’s lib/feminism.  But Ana is not submissive and speaks her own mind and is often what Christian would refer to as “disobedient.”

“You’re mad me,” he whispers.

“No shit, Sherlock!”

“How mad?”

“Scale of one to ten, I think I’m at fifty.  Apt, huh?”

“That mad.”  He sounds surprised and impressed at once.

“Yes.  Pushed to violence mad,” I say through gritted teeth.  (page 42)

Only a few pages in, I was already picking up what I am considering to be some ominous foreshadowing:  (Don’t worry, I promise NO SPOILERS)

“...Jose accosts me.  ‘I won’t ask you for another dance.  I think I monopolized too much of your time on the dance floor as it is…I’m happy to see you happy, but I’m serious Ana, I’ll be here for you…If you need me.‘”  (page 13)

Does handcuffs, whips and chains turn you on?

Blume Girl usually doesn’t reveal the unmentionables of their high-profile clients but it seems as though a phenomenon has swept the bedrooms of America and therefore, we just had to share our latest special orders. Does the name Christian Grey do anything for you? Or maybe you get 50 Shades of blushing just from his subtle signature of …

Does it call forth your inner goddess? Don’t worry… we won’t tell.

I am one-third into the final book, and while I want to see the conclusion, I also don’t want my time with Mr. Grey to end.

If you’ve read the full trilogy, which was your favorite and why?  (Just avoid giving any spoilers, please) 


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