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Today’s An Acceptable Day to be SALTY & CRUSTY

Today (Thursday, April 26, 2012) is National Pretzel Day! Pretzels are a favorite snack in my household. I always make sure to have a bag on hand for my husband and son.

One of the necklaces I own (which is quite a conversation piece) is my gold pretzel salted in diamonds. I saw it at a jewelry trade show shortly after admiring the one Carrie Bradshaw wore on Sex & The City. People are constantly asking me about the significance to which my dad had come up with this response: “It represents my twisted life.”

On a tour of Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery, America’s first commercial pretzel bakery (located in Litiz, PA) last summer, I was excited to learn that the term “tying the knot” has special significance concerning the pretzel. It seems pretzels were introduced into the wedding ceremony. The couple wished upon and broke a pretzel like a wishbone, then ate it to signify their oneness.

I have been craving Pret a Manager’s monthly sandwich special – the roast beef & horseradish on PRETZEL bread. Only a few more days to get it. I wonder what next month’s special sandwich will be and hope it’s just as delicious.

If I have you hungry for pretzels now, here’s a delicious recipe my sister-in-law makes which happens to be one of my husband’s favorites:

Break up a bag or box of big, fat Snyders beer pretzels and put in a bowl. Add 1 cup oil, an entire packet Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing mix, and 1 tsp of each of the following seasonings: garlic, salt, garlic powder, dill weed and lemon pepper. Mix all the seasonings with the oil right in the measuring cup and then pour over broken pretzels and stir to coat. Spread it out on a cookie sheet and bake on 350 for 10 mins. Stir and cook 10 more minutes. Enjoy!

Now excuse me while I go be a good wife and make some for my husband.


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