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The 5 Year Engagement: To Have & To Hold (I DO?)

I still don’t know my husband, who is also the father of my son, for 5 full years yet. We started dating the summer of 2007, got engaged right after Memorial Day the following May and we successfully planned our wedding for October 5, 2008. 5 days after celebrating our one year anniversary, our son Ian (the namesake and inspiration of this blog) was born and changed our lives forever for the better.

Regardless of not having a long engagement myself, I was enthusiastic to see The Five Year Engagement starring Jason Segal and Emily Blunt

Beginning where most romantic comedies end, this movie is a look at what happens when an engaged couple, Violet and Tom, keeps getting tripped up on the long walk down the aisle and the strain it puts on their relationship. As Violet explains, “We are almost perfect for each other.” Find out more about the movie and see the trailer at

Some of my favorite scenes include:
•A montage/slide show of Tom’s ex-girlfriends to the tune of “Violet Didn’t Start the Fire” (a parody of Billy Joel’s song)
•Both sets of families discussing wearing yarmulkes and taking communion at their interfaith wedding
•The breakfast scene with Tom and his parents
•The Elmo/Cookie Monster scene between Violet, her sister and her niece
•Violet’s childhood bedroom has Wham posters on the walls

This comedy cuts to what life is all about. Family, friends, relationships, career highs and failures, deaths/funerals, births, annual birthday calls. It also explores the complexity of relationships.

There are some fantastic lines in it including:
•”You need to be honest with this woman. She’s going to be your wife.”
•”I’m a man. Men and women are different. We don’t have to talk about our feelings.”
•”You will never get away from me, I am a hunter.”
•”Underneath polite bs, we’re all running on caveman instinct.
•”This is the love of your life. make it work no matter what.”
“You were with her for five f-cking years. What else is there to learn about her?”

Treat yourself and go see this movie this weekend. Either for date night, with a close friend or even by yourself.

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