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Why “Me, Myself & Baby’s I”‘s Mom is A Sexy, Sassy Mom Blogger

Parents Connect has declared May Sexy Mamas Month! I try to be sexy and sassy all year round. Maybe I’m not M.I.L.F. status, but it is important to me to keep the romance and fun alive in my marriage and to look and feel my best.

While I may not always be the “fairest”….

I do take pride in my appearance.

As I undress my toddler, I always sing to him, “I’m too sexy for my……”

What makes ME feel sexy?
•My husband
•The excitement that pulses through me as I am frantically typing a blog post I am all worked up about
•Eating ice cream or frozen yogurt straight from the pint (Mmmmm! If I was ever to have an affair, it would be with Ben & Jerry)
•A fresh mani/pedi
•Feminine shoes
•Date night especially following great family bonding time (I am all about being the best mom and wife and achieving balance)
•Scoring a bargain! (I rarely pay full retail price and my husband appreciate this. Although he still thinks I shop too much and spend way too much money)
•When my hair is professionally done, especially a sleek and straight blow-out
•Consuming oysters on the half shell and bubbly
•Getting caught in the rain
•Wearing my Chanel bag (an extra-special, coveted gift from my husband)

•Unwinding and relaxing on Sunday nights watching Mad Men together
•Photographing my boys
•Pregnancy (most of the 9 months)
•Lip gloss
•Steamy bubble baths
•Brunching at trendy spots in NYC
•A little black dress

Who’s your sexy mama role model?
I admire many females who are wonderful mothers and wives. However, no one in particular is my role model. I take advice from many women and try to learn and grow on a daily basis.

What’s your best tip to help other moms feel super-confident and sexy?
Don’t compare yourself to celebrities, models or anyone you see and admire in mass media. (You could and would look like that too if you had a team of experts and then any imperfections were photoshopped out) Believe in yourself and your abilities. Your family loves you and would be lost without you. IF you think you are sexy, you will elude sexiness and be attractive to others. Also make sure to carve out some personal ME time for yourself. And if all else fails, dab on some Nars Orgasm blush.

I purposely have not included any photos of me because it does NOT matter what my physical appearance is. Sexiness is an attitude, a state of mind and being and is not subjective.


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