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Mayor Bloomberg Thinks Breast Is Best

Yesterday my mom called me telling me about Mayor Bloomberg’s breast feeding plan. (See this news piece if you haven’t been informed yet:

According to Gothamist, “The man who doesn’t want you to smoke in City bars or clog your coronaries with sweet, sweet trans fats now wants to do something healthy for the tiniest and newest New Yorkers. Mayor Mike Bloomberg is dropping more than $2 million on a campaign to get City run hospitals to encourage new moms to breast feed. City health commissioner, Thomas Frieden, wants babies to dine on nothing but their mothers’ breast milk for the first six months of life. Right now, about 75% of New York mommies breast feed their babies but nearly 40% stop before the six month mark.” (For rest of piece see

I spoke to my husband about it last night and this is his feelings:

“Politicians shouldn’t intrude into individual’s personal lives and affect their decisions. Bloomberg was not elected to tell people how to raise their children. The city has plenty of money troubles for Bloomberg to look into. If he wants to help the next generation, he should look into funding preK which currently costs New York City parents a fortune to pay for. A preschool educuation is much more important to a child’s development than breast milk. Life is all about choices and once again the government is trying to take that away from us.”

Weigh in with your opinion. Controversy is the spice of life.

And while we’re on this topic, what’s your feelings on this controversial Oreo ad?


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One thought on “Mayor Bloomberg Thinks Breast Is Best

  1. Hi there, the mayor is simply getting hospitals to stop marketing formula.mthatnis all. Every parent will still have a choice. It is just that like everything else a hospital uses it will have to be purchased.

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