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Making a Big Splash at Coco Key Water Resort

Raising a family is TAXING (get it, guys…it’s April 15th today) All family members, regardless of age and responsibilities, need some fun, rest & relaxation!

We traveled to Coco Key Water Resort (located in Waterbury, CT) from the ultra-luxurious, very high-end Winvian (see yesterday’s, April 14th post if you haven’t already done so) I keep wanting to call this place Coco Loco.

Everyone I had asked about Coco was uncomplimentary so I was mentally prepared for the worst but hoped it would be fine on a week day in early April.

You know how they say that when you have low expectations, that things turn out even better and you are not the least bit disappointed? That was exactly the case when we got here. (Whew! Big sigh of relief)

Admittedly, I would redecorate the hotel and add colors to the dark brown motiff. Aquas would be so nice here and/or some bright colors.

The water park, which was what we came for, was a blast!

We all loved tubing on the lazy river.

Ian wasn’t the least bit overwhelmed or scared and enjoyed splashing around, going down the smaller water slides and playing.

Scott and I talked about how we were having such a fantastic family vacation filled with wonderful balance. The restaurant Tradewinds really catered to kids with Nickelodeon airing on the big screen TVs and a kid-friendly dinner buffet.

But by after dinner, we all had enough of this place. Hours after taking off our bathing suits, we were now just waterlogged and ready for a better atmosphere. It felt almost like being stuck on a cruise ship which at first was fun, but now you’re just itching to get off.

The longer we stayed, the more we did notice issues including:
*not a single ice machine on all four floors worked
*room service could not bring up ice so we had to go back downstairs to the restaurant to obtain some to keep Ian’s milk cold
(“Ice, ice, Baby quickly became a song for this leg of the trip, along with “One Night Only” and “How Deep Is Your Love.”)
*the arcade was completely out of order late afternoon (it was restored in the evening)
* understaffed for the amount of guests over a holiday week
*jacuzzi had an out-of-order sign
*our room tv was fuzzy

I definitely recommend the water park it for a day trip to the water park on an uncrowded week day.

I do think its a wonderful concept and am seeking investors to start an indoor water park in New York City!


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