Me, Myself & Baby I

Out of the mouths of babes

Packing (& Unpacking) for a Family of 3

Packing (& unpacking) for a family of three with one under three is a major undertaking.

I certainly deserved a vacation for packing all our bags!

Between uncertain weather, wanting to look and feel our best and a toddler who has some favorites and set routines, there’s a lot to cram into bags.

We only went away for 5 nights/6 days, but it feels as if we are moving.

We traveled home with several more bags and packages because we made quite a dent in our credit card with all the shopping we did! Thank you to the best, most generous, husband! (I’ll try to forgive you for not letting me buy the Stuart Weitzman wedges at Saks off Fifth in Clinton Crossing, the Le Crueset pot in the color the outlets never carry and a lip therapy balm from the spa!) Seriously, as my Dad used to say, “I made out like a bandit!” Between the J. Crew dress and shirt, white gold tiara necklace, spa treatments….

No one left empty-handed! Even picked up a trinket for my sister on National Sibling Day which was a memory from her childhood. It’s kinda weird that all the toys and memorabilia from my childhood is now relics at antique shops! We also bought our niece’s first teenage birthday present and have to save it until she turns 13 in June.

This is the pile of mail we were greeted to upon our arrival back home.

Now if you excuse me, I have unpacking and tons of laundry to do.

Not to mention, RSVPing to a few upcoming events, scrapbooking, magazines and catalogs to scour through, emails to follow up on and blog posts to write. The amount of material I have from our fun Spring Break in Conneticut alone is overwhelming. You are in for a few treats int he coming days! This is the only less than glamorous, down and dirty post!


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