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Kicking off Spring Break at Winvian

They say priorities shift and change when you become a parent. Even those cocky individuals who think,”Oh that will happen to me,” I have news for you, guess what, it does.

Spring Break is usually to Cancun. The Dominican Republic. I think Turqs & Caicos has become another popular hot spot.

I can not stress enough how much I wanted to go to the Caribbean. However, my better half does not enjoy “planes, trains and automobiles” very much and was adamant about us not flying with our toddler. Despite all my begging and pleading, I was unable to change his mind. He felt we would not really get the R&R we were seeking with our son on the trip.

Instead he planned an itinerary which suited all three of us:
* No airplanes and a car ride under 3 hours (Head of household)
* High-end, luxurious accommodations, fine dining, spa treatments and shopping (me)
* An 84 degree indoor waterpark (Baby I)

Although when he told his friends about our upcoming vacation, they asked what was he getting and he replied, “the bill.”

Once he dangled Winvian, I was putty in his hands! There is no place I would want to return to more than this Relais & Chateau property. Our stay at the Log Cabin there in January 2009 is on a super short list of best places I’ve ever had the pleasure of going to. I have even recommended Winvian to friends for their honeymoons.

On the car drive up, I sang, “Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Winvian….” (to the tune of the Sesame Street song)

Winvian is situated on a private 113-acre estate, located three miles due south of the Litchfield’s town center. There are eighteen cottages in all ranging in size from 950 square feet to 1,250 square feet. They are all appointed with memorabilia, furnishings and artwork that complement each architect’s vision.

It was a no-brainer which cottage we would select this time around. We knew our rock star would feel melodic and right at home in the Music cottage. Of very modern design, this cottage is a celebration of all things musical. Strong colors and bold design are the forum found in Music. We got to “play” the cottage inside and out!

these bongs make me think of Matthew McConaughey; I might be prejudice but I think my boys are just as cute!

"you can ring my bell"

The plush gold king bed met with Prince Ian’s approval.

our sleeping beauty

He fell asleep before our 7:30pm dinner reservation so we had decadent room service. It was our second meal of the day in Connecticut that contained lobster.

octopus duo, Maine lobster stew & 'Cote de Boeuf for 2

We lifted our grown-up “no TV on vacation” ban especially for MadMen. It was extra fun watching it in such a special cottage that screamed Liberace to me.

The Make Your Own S’mores made it the most fun family slumber party and best Sunday ever!

I am such a pyromaniac! If only I cooked this well in an oven!

best family sleep-over ever!

I want really this to be our new Easter tradition. Scott must be in agreement because when we checked out, he told the staff they would see us next year! YES!

a new fav family photo...until next year!

Note: Winvian is usually adult-only but does designate some "children welcome" weekends, including Easter.

very Blair Witch Project feel to me<

Learn more of our Spring Break soundtrack and what else we did in Connecticut in other upcoming posts!


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