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If You Like Cracker Jacks

On the third day of Passover, this blogger recommends to you:

Matzel Toff!

I almost bought this at Dylan’s Candy when I went to pick up the Chocolate covered marshmallow kosher for passover frogs (which by the way my niece told me the inside was green!)

I resisted but when we stopped at Tal Bagel on Friday for our last bagel before Passover, I grabbed a box of the dark chocolate version. I haven’t eaten cracker jacks in a very, very long time. but it’s a taste that you don’t forget. When I bit into a piece of this decadent matzo dessert, I immediately thought of cracker jacks. This is like holiday crack! That’s how good it is!

I love when the Jewish holidays fall out the same time as the Christian holidays. Don’t ever say I discriminate between holidays. Here’s Ian and I with the Easter Bunny from the egg hunt at the 54th Street Rec Center last Sunday:

Again, Team Gutterman wishes everyone a very happy and healthy holidays! And for those on spring break this coming week, enjoy!


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