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Tori’s (VicTORIous) Tips –part II

With it being Good Friday and the first night of Passover, plus Easter Sunday, there’s a good chance you’ll be hosting family and/or friends this weekend.

In yesterday’s post, I promised that I would follow-up with a review of Tori Spellin’s (aka 90210’s Donna Martin) new book, CelebraTORI: Unleashing Your Inner Party Planner to Entertain Friends & Family.

Overall, I am happy with the book and do recommend it. There are aspects and parts that I adore. But I also must admit to rolling my eyes a few times. (I feel like I should apologize but I am also being honest and objective)

Let’s start with the positives!

The photography is stunning! Having worked in the wine and spirits industry, I am fully aware of how difficult it really is to shoot cocktails, bottles and many food items. So major kudos to photographer Sara Remington, as well as Elizabeth Messina, who Tori refers to in the acknowledgements as “her personal photo goddess.” The colors in the photos are so rich and vibrant and very inspiring.

Tori’s creativity and passion for party planning shines through. While I am no means a Betty Crocker nor will I ever be an aspiring mixologist, I am tempted to try many of the featured recipes. I especially want to taste the let them eat cake martini (page 100) and my nanny’s famous wine cake (page 126).

I really do appreciate all the of the attention to details. As someone who created personalized crossword puzzles at my Sunday brunch wedding and gave each guest the Sunday newspaper and a cup of coffee or tea for the road on their way out, I flipped over the black and white scrabble tile cookies on top of the red cupcakes for game night.

I also really like all of the “Tori Tips.” (hence the title of this post)

So what am balking about? I was able to gloss over many pages and flip past them. Maybe it’s because as someone who often planned corporate events and parties, I am not the target audience. I just felt that some of the information was unnecessary and felt dumbed down. While there might be some fans who buy this book simply because they love Tori and want to support her, I suspect the majority are also interested in party planning. Therefore, I would have preferred less information in part one: ESSENTIALS.

I admire that Tori dedicated the book to her mom, “The master party planner,” especially after the years of strife and discourse in their relationship. She writes, “I learned everything I know from watching you throw the most amazing parties. Thank you for the gift of knowing its all in the details.” Yet, on page 13 of the introduction, Tori says, “My parents threw some spectacular parties, including my first wedding. but opulence is not my thing. Over-the-top, yes. But I live in the real world (well, the “reality” world), where the coffers aren’t exactly limitless. Besides, I like the feeling of working hard, being creative and doing things myself.” I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. My aim is not to bad-mouth anyone or pick anyone apart, especially someone in the public eye who already gets so much scrutiny from the media.

Lastly, I just have to ask Tori, were you serious about the carnation renaissance or were you just making sure the readers are paying attention? I am sorry, but I’m just not buying into that one.

Have a great holiday weekend! Hope its filled with loved ones and mouth-watering food and drink!


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