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Even Sweeter Crumbs

There is a cupcake war in NYC between Magnolia, Buttercup Bakeshop & the newer on the scene Sprinkles. Personally, my favorite has always been Crumbs. I adore the taste packs which are perfect when I am hosting or to bring as a guest to the hostess. The minis are the ideal size so you don’t feel as if you are being a complete pig and make sampling more than one flavor easy and fun.

In addition to the cupcakes and baked goods, my mouth waters for their seasonal Sparkling Lemonade. I’ve even had others comment on what strong willpower I have when I wait on line and only order this beverage without any cupcakes to go along with it.

Today as I was walking along Lexington Avenue to Grand Central Station, I noticed something very exciting and new at Crumbs.

I apologize for the poor quality of the photo which I pulled off the internet. This location has stairs and I didn’t have the time to deal with manuerving the stroller up the stairs. Plus, I didn’t want to be tempted to buy cupcakes, lemonade and candy. But I will making a store visit soon to satisfy my family’s sweet teeth. (Sorry Dr. Metzger, our dentist!)

In addition to the Grand Central Location, there is a Crumbs Confectionery at the Upper Westside and Madison Avenue. For store addresses, visit:

And for my Boston readers, Crumbs’ first store is now open at 176 Federal Street.

Since the holidays are this weekend, this post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Crumbs Easter and flourless Passover cupcakes. Please note these cupcakes are certified Kosher, but not Kosher for Passover.


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