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If You Have “NO PLACE TO GO”

If you have “NO PLACE TO GO” and are looking for something different to do between now and April 8th go see this musical ode to the unemployed.

I owe Erin and Holly of MamaDrama NY a tremendous thank you! They have managed to give me two dates with my husband in the course of one full week. And not only did I get to spend alone grown-up time with my husband, but we enjoyed the arts the city we live in his famous for but rarely get to personally take advantage of ourselves.

No Place to Go is currently being performed at Joe’s Pub, which is conveniently located practically steps away from Astor Place subway station.

Playwrighter Ethan Lipton is the star narrator and singer and accompanied by a three-piece band: Vito Dieterle on the saxophone, Ian M. Riggs on the bass and Eben Levy on the guitar. They are extremely likeable guys and you make you want them and the show to succeed.

The premise – “The company where he’s worked (part-time) for the past 10 years is moving to another planet, and playwright Ethan Lipton doesn’t want to go.” The show is touted as “Part love letter to his co-workers, part query to the universe, part protest to his company and country.”

In the program, Artistic Director Oskar Eutis writes, “Ethan is as modest and unassuming as he is accomplished. He combines qualities with ineffable ease. He is the very picture of a downtown artist, and yet he is also an American everyman. his work speaks precisely to our city, in this moment, yet he also invokes a century’s worth of references, performative and political…”

I checked out of the corporate world when I was pregnant and close friends know that I don’t really follow politics. My husband greatly appreciated the corporate humor and described the show as being “very original.”

When the show ended, the applause and cheering was loud and bosterous. Many audience members stood up.

Towards the end, Ethan explains, “I have to stay in this town, it’s the food carts that’s keeping me here….” I vehemently disagree about their “heavenly scent.”

Otherwise, Ethan is mostly right-on, especially “What does a 40 year old man with a sandwich in his backpack do at a time like this,” and “Do they still make men in Brooklyn.” (That’s where my dad was born and raised and there will never been another gentle giant like him)

For tickets for this three-week limited engagement, priced $30, visit Joe’s Pub. Joe’s Pub is located within the Public Theater at 425 Lafayette Street.


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One thought on “If You Have “NO PLACE TO GO”

  1. I haven’t noticed the food cart’s heavenly scents but I certainly related to his love of NYC. It was great to meet you .

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