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A Style Battle of the Sexes – Who Has It Better?

I’m probably the only woman who goes shopping and brings home bags full of clothes her husband and son……and only a package of gym socks for herself!

I told my husband, “It’s so incredibly easy to shop for guys. It’s Ralph Lauren Polo or bust. And it looks good on all males regardless of your size or shape.”

Since high school, I have always been most attracted to a guy wearing khakkis and a Ralph Lauren polo (preferably pink or baby blue, but most preppy colors will work) And two decades later, fashion trends and styles have drastically emerged and changed for women’s fashions and yet this is still what turns my head on a man. (So now that I’m happily married, I let you in on the way a guy could have gotten my attention!)

RL model Nacho Figueras in pink polo shirt

RL model Nacho Figueras in pink polo shirt

As a sidenote, I did make one very fun purchase today! I treated myself to the DVF ♥ babyGap diaper bag & changing pad ($120.00). It was the only item in the special edition line I could even consider since I don’t have a daughter. But come on, how adorable are those mini wrap dresses?!? (which is what the brand is known for) I also love the bathing suits and sandals! Ahhh, I just have to focus on all the money my family is saving by me not having a princess to dress!

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Remember, you’re never fully dressed without a smile!


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One thought on “A Style Battle of the Sexes – Who Has It Better?

  1. I love it! So true, when i first met my hubby i had him try on an orange RL polo for me. First he complained about me trying to change him. Then he said he couldn’t wear them because the sleeves cut his biceps in half and they run too short on him, he’s 6’4″.. ha ha! not sure he still has those big guns so maybe i ought to try again. He does pull off a pink dress shirt and suit like a model. I should start calling Paco.

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