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Out of the mouths of babes

No More Chunky Monkey

Calm down!  Relax!  Take some deep breaths.  I promise that Chunky Monkey has not been banished to the flavor graveyard.

Where flavors that have lost the popular favor go to pasture

Every since I was a little girl, I have loved ice cream.  Hands down, without a doubt, if I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be ice cream.  It is my go-to food, my comfort food, my “I deserve a treat” food, my “life is wonderful” food, my “life stinks” food….Come to think of it, the only time I disliked ice cream was when I was pregnant (Go figure!  So much for craving pickles & ice cream!)  In college, my roommate and I even named our goldfish Ben & Jerry.  What a pair!

As I’ve gotten older and my metabolism has slowed down, I have forced myself to make the switch to frozen yogurt as much as possible.  I’ve been disappointed that Ben & Jerry’s offers so few frozen yogurt flavors.  Don’t get me wrong – I love the Cherry Garcia, Double Fudge Brownie, & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough fro yo, but variety is the slice of life, is all I’m saying.  Last summer, I literally booked our vacation around touring the Ben & Jerry factory.  I was convinced that they would offer some other special limited-edition frozen yogurt.  But I was sadly mistaken.  (I also preferred the The Turkey Hill Experience over this brand’s factory tour in Vermont, but once again I am digressing)

So I’ve already demonstrated to you what an ice cream connoisseur I am (more bluntly, “freak” but connoisseur has such a better ring to it!)  and that I will travel far and wide for it (as long as it doesn’t make my hips and butt wide!)  Well, guess what, folks, my prayers have been answered!

The company has combined the creamy richness of Greek Yogurt with their notorious colossal chunks and swirls to bring you Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt.  Since the moment I read about it online, I have been dying to get my hands on a spoonful.

On Saturday night, on our way home from a party, I was finally able to score a pint at a Food & Emporium.  (Only the strawberry shortcake flavor was available in the several stores I popped into.)  After all the fried food I had consumed at the party, I had to use major willpower to restrain and resist all temptation to try it that evening.  It would have made a great midnight snack, but “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!”

Sunday morning, I ordered in a Belgium waffle (one of the many benefits of living in NYC where any whim can appear at your doorsteps very easily)  and topped it off with my new coveted pint of Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt.  It was so creamy and delicious!  This is coming from someone who doesn’t even care for this particular flavor.

Text me if you find the Raspberry Fudge Chunk and/or Peanut Butter Banana.  And Ian also wants to try Blueberry Vanilla Graham.  Mmmmmmmmmm!

Disclosure:  So I did some research while working on this post and do feel I need to mention:

No, they’re not necessarily healthy for you.  (Please don’t scream at me!  I promise to share my ‘cream with you!) The Greek yogurt flavors do contain less sugar, fat, and calories than regular flavors. They’ve also got some more protein, too, which is never a bad thing.


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