Me, Myself & Baby I

Out of the mouths of babes

Pretty Woman

Vivian: Did I mention… my leg is 44 inches from hip to toe, so basically, we’re talkin’ about…
She wraps her legs around Edward.
Vivian: … 88 inches of therapy… wrapped around you, for the bargain price of…
Edward and Vivian: in unison … three thousand dollars!

On Saturday night, I had the opportunity to reenact one of my favorite scenes from Pretty Woman.  No, it didn’t involve Rodeo Drive but it was probably the next best thing.

I got to sing Prince’s “Kiss” in a bubble bath.

Wait, it gets even better.  The double soaking antique claw-foot tub was at an inn owned by Richard Gere!

I had read about The Bedford Post Inn when it first opened a few years ago and it was on our list of places to check-out.  My boys (oh yeah, Ian joined us) whisked me away for a pre-Valentine’s treat.  And a treat was what we got.  Only a one hour drive from New York City, we felt relaxed, refreshed, happy and at ease from the moment we arrived.  We truly had escaped.

We had a delicious dinner at The Farmhouse.  And the cherry on top was that GM Oscar Henequet arranged for our scrumptious desserts to be delivered to our room because Ian had reached his limit of fine dining.

After a blissful night sleep, there was a knock at our door with our breakfast tray.  FRESH SQUEEZED ORANGE JUICE (the only o.j. I drink), French press coffee, the Dutchess of Bedford tea, fresh baked muffins and croissants.

As if we hadn’t already consumed enough, we brunched at The Barn.

Relais & Chateau properties have become our home away from home.  As Gere writes in the preface of their 2011 guide, “You can be certain to find a wonderful room and a memorable meal; you may also receive a gentle reminder in the art of life.”

I returned home relaxed, refreshed and ready to conquer the world.  Life is good.


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